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My favorite diaries:

intheory27    profile - diary
comments:  my good friend lani.
soonforth    profile - diary
comments:  lani's other diary. because she rocks and is better than everyone else, and so thinks she can have two diarys. ^_^
kwesta    profile - diary
comments:  a group diary! a very original and interesting idea!
soulepiphany    profile - diary
comments:  ok, words do not have enough power to describe this diary. if you only read one diary this summer, read this one!
dirtyasian2    profile - diary
comments:  wonderful taste in music, plus a killer design. very heartfelt writing, as well. no complaints from me.
taliana1    profile - diary
comments:  what can i say? there are no words. beautiful, intense, colorful...adjectives fail me.
treeguardian    profile - diary
comments:  any diary with the weez in the layout is good in my book.
killiansred    profile - diary
comments:  intensely colorful, a way with words that paints images right out of indie movies, or those last fading days of high school, or road trips through painted deserts in a '72 nova. yes.

My favorite music:

the ataris
alkaline trio
dropkick murphys
dave matthews band

My favorite movies:

boondock saints
high fidelity
the beach
chasing amy

My favorite authors:

richard bach
j. david kuo
arthur phillips
robert frost

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