dealing with it

i would like to see more emotion in people, and i don't mean drama. and travel more, you fucking slackers you don't really think I should know more about life than you. do you? did I spell that right? In this white language is anything?

My favorite diaries:

wildfinn profile - diary
comments: you love me, that's why I scare you
snatch profile - diary
comments: vancouver hardcore
vanessamess profile - diary
comments: this is jeff ott's daughter's diary. my foot hurts. (from dropping names)
monstermovie profile - diary
chippingaway profile - diary
comments: shitty poetry, will I ever write again?
nessifly profile - diary
comments: my happily married internet girlfriend (does she exist?)
yours-truly profile - diary
comments: this girl likes big fat asses
kats profile - diary
comments: even if you can read it, do you know?
stevesax profile - diary
comments: will matt ever write again?
difficult profile - diary
comments: if you say punch a bunch of times in a row it kind of loses its punch
shutupmom profile - diary
comments: call her
bigfatass profile - diary
comments: a tour diary of shows we play two blocks from our house
chaosoul profile - diary
comments: ?
selflove profile - diary
comments: these are all stories that I hear henry telling at work
eatn profile - diary
comments: like loving velco with a piece of rubber
tofubicycle profile - diary
comments: the singer of watershed year's diary
somehowblaim profile - diary
comments: where are you blaze?
gentron profile - diary
comments: some kind of 80's sci fi movie about new zealand

My favorite music:

comments: jeff ott is one of the most open/fearless musicians ever
sick of it all
comments: the hardest working band in hardcore
fall silent
comments: a great band from reno, and great guys so are zero down, h2o, vitamin x, gordon solie motherfuckers, life's hault, jon spencer blues explosion...
big fat ass
comments: yes, this is my band, but these bands rule: seaweed, nofx, social distortion, d.r.i., the descendants, the vandals, naked aggresion, black sabbath, civil disobedience
what happens next?
comments: play fast or die...p.s. these bands rule too:spazz, good clean fun, a.f.i., plutocracy, f.y.p., u.s.v., buddy holly, the highwaymen, lack of interest, asshole parade, b.d.p., dead prez, gob ect...

My favorite movies:

comments: I occasionally shop at big choice video
camp kill yourself
comments: fuck m.t.v., rock on summer
roadside prophets
comments: travel
cemetary man
comments: sexy
fight club
comments: my hair is too blond

My favorite authors:

howard zinn
jeff ott
charles bukowski
william upski wimsatt
comments: as close as you can get to true life writing, considering we're using the english language
comments: I'm like a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest

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