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Fungal-nail's contemplation.


I was going to edit/delete the stuff below, because it's well over fifteen years old and pretty bad, but I just can't do it.


Just me and my thoughts and rantings. Allow me to go on random trains of thought where conversations about cars soon turn to lead. Psst, if none of the descriptions make sense that's because I am currently intoxicated with the dizzy spell of the night, no really.

My favorite diaries:

Glistenen    profile - diary
comments:  My love. Not yours. Mine.
Oiweirdkid    profile - diary
comments:  Russell is my special doctor, my spiritual adviser/guru and also amuses me no end. *admires*
Futility    profile - diary
comments:  Why do all my favourite people disappear?
Chaosofsleep    profile - diary
comments:  *waters plants* The little patch must grow. I've forgotten why. I think.
AdmiralJack    profile - diary
comments:  Andrew is super cool. Better than you.
Apatheticq    profile - diary
comments:  Que is like playing a record backwards.
Echoman    profile - diary
comments:  Apparently I am not a bedsit champion anymore. I miss the old days. But Mike is great, go say hi to Mike :D
Pischina    profile - diary
Prissypants    profile - diary
Bunni    profile - diary
Ferokitty    profile - diary
comments:  I wish she would stay around some more.
Mittenred    profile - diary
comments:  She's probably a book I read when I was younger. I think I want to eat her.
Earthlinger    profile - diary
FluffyKatt    profile - diary
comments:  She keeps disappearing. She's probably Canadian.
Chondroma    profile - diary
comments:  It's Andrew. Oh my.
Sarra    profile - diary
Impiwhirl    profile - diary
comments:  She always reminds me of ice-cream but I'm sure she isn't one because that would be silly, and I'm not silly.
Psycho-chibi    profile - diary
Glaze    profile - diary
Eyeamgoddess    profile - diary
Zarajade    profile - diary
Kaelyca    profile - diary
Pubcrawl    profile - diary
Andrew    profile - diary
comments:  *love*
Papotheclown    profile - diary
comments:  He claims clown status, but I am dubious.

My favorite music:

Someone, anyone, just give me some music.
comments:  *sleeps*
Tori Amos
comments:  I love Tori and her music. I love many other people and their music, but Tori is the only one you get to know of.

My favorite movies:

Jack and the Beanstalk
comments:  Running on empty, My own private idaho, Heathers, The crow, Misery, The Lord of the rings, Sleepy Hollow.
Edward Scissorhands
comments:  Poor Edward, Stand by me, Schindlers list
The Shawshank redemption
comments:  Midnight express too.
comments:  Oh, and that film I saw the other week but can't remember the name of.

My favorite authors:

Justin Barnes.
comments:  I don't know, I made him up, probably.

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