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Welcome to the inside of my head.

My favorite diaries:

catsmeow1224    profile - diary
comments:  "I was asked once what size bra I wore. My answer was 'concave.' "
Jesi87    profile - diary
comments:  "yeap yeap it sucks big time-o0o0o yeah. "
kidpickel    profile - diary
comments:  "Nobody lives in a fairytale. Everyone has the opportunity to hurt someone they love at anytime."
schampy    profile - diary
comments:  "don't worry. sometime this week i will fix this mess but i'll still be a fuck up"
ktdream    profile - diary
comments:  "If I were a mermaid, I would be the picture and definition of delicate, graceful, resplendent, enchanting, dazzling, elegant and brilliant. "
lovemetwice    profile - diary
comments:  "[i can't help it when i walk away and never look back.] "
just-fine    profile - diary
comments:  "Here again, lit by the night, trying to script my tangled thoughts."
bloodyscars    profile - diary
comments:  "Torn butterfly wings and ripped caterpillar legs. Tragic longing leaves you weak. "
the29th    profile - diary
comments:  "This constant desire to do everything and nothing. To scratch away my skin just to feel something."
evry1gtsleid    profile - diary
comments:  "arent fathers supposed to be on your side, no matter what???"
johnny-t-h-m    profile - diary
comments:  "In my next life I want to be a hot chick so I can fix the balance of this world."
happy-schamp    profile - diary
comments:  "an ex-coke addict asked today if i was an artist, she thought so because i am eccentric."
Dnyl22    profile - diary
comments:  "When we got home and I asked Bryce what he thought about hearing the heartbeat he said "its a girl". I said oh yeah how do you know? and he just said I know, it sounds like a girl."
lunaua    profile - diary
comments:  "Makes me wonder what my nieces are going to turn out like..."
sucralose    profile - diary
comments:  The girl that runs this page is a wonderful person. She gets much hugs!
msmmack    profile - diary
comments:  "I think it's a balance between perfection and control."
cubjam11    profile - diary
comments:  "Yes, I admit -- I am gay, and I shop at Wal*Mart"
understood    profile - diary
comments:  "When I was a kid, I took “Don’t try this at home” to mean “Try this on someone else’s property”. See, I was a little bastard child."
RobinDreams    profile - diary
comments:  "Robin dreams the most fantastical dreams... "

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