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The Psychotronic Gizmonator

Slightly rambly, never updated regularly, but you love me anyway, right? Right?

My favorite diaries:

shlippy    profile - diary
comments:  Her laugh makes everything okay.
bonkrood    profile - diary
comments:  My oldest, bestest internet girly.
pischina    profile - diary
comments:  An action hero and a writer. Whoo, nelly.
perceptions    profile - diary
comments:  Short and sweet, sometimes shallow. Just like peeing in a swimming pool.
marn    profile - diary
comments:  I got to shelter Mortimer, and was dragged into the web of cool.
orangepeeler    profile - diary
comments:  Very poetic, sometimes to the point of excess.
peregryn    profile - diary
comments:  When she is happy, simply amazing.
meli    profile - diary
comments:  I have been reading for awhile. Canadia forever!
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  He is diaryland god. All hail the Creator and his spiffy music!
anenigma    profile - diary
comments:  Who can't love a self professed tomboy with a penchant for lesbians?
cylee305    profile - diary
comments:  She wrote me, and got a letter in return. I am amazed when people are trusting.
deena    profile - diary
comments:  I have been listed, and I should only return the favor. I used to think not so many entries, but now I see I am wrong. : �
girlboy    profile - diary
comments:  I should stop reading. It makes me wistful. I believe I can fill my quota of wist without their help.
jpmarx    profile - diary
comments:  It's angst, it's irony. It's Justin!
kuinileti    profile - diary
comments:  I've been linked, and hooked. Simply amazing layout.
agentmerp    profile - diary
comments:  Once again, the linking exposes me to sheer brilliance.
sufu    profile - diary
comments:  Ah, high school. How wonderful. And, I really wish I had saved my Stor Trooper.
tenderpoison    profile - diary
comments:  Beautiful writing, but the layout used to be a tad better, if a bit more confusing.
ygraine    profile - diary
comments:  Always able to write about the dark things in order to illuminate the light. I have been reading for some time, now.
clcassius    profile - diary
comments:  A linker who has stunned me with her writing. Awesome, and never too self aware.
scanzilla    profile - diary
comments:  He's keen in real life, he's keen on the internet. Sweet.
quickiegirl    profile - diary
comments:  Long live Golden! Or somesuch. Literary people are fun.
not-a-finger    profile - diary
comments:  She's back! In full color Panavision!

My favorite music:

They Might Be Giants
comments:  Never anything but the best. They truly are giants.
The Weakerthans
comments:  You must bow down before their might.
Soul Coughing
comments:  Too bad they broke up. Always good for a random song-poem.
comments:  Nostalgia, and something new. All at once, even.
Toy Dolls
comments:  Punkalicious. Screw all this new ska/god/indie/shoe punk. Good old english crazies.

My favorite movies:

Fifth Element
comments:  Flashy. Good. Other than having to end the movie, I loved it.
Johnny Mnemonic
comments:  Cyberpunk is cool. But, you didn't have to break the short story so much.
Empire Records
comments:  Come on, I was a teenager when it came out.
comments:  Because Pauly Shore is me. I am Pauly Shore. And they forgot to even add a plot here.
comments:  Who doesn't like this movie? Seriously.

My favorite authors:

Michael Flynn
comments:  Because someone has to dream that we will care for a future.
comments:  A grandmaster. I love his seriousness, and the fact that he never believes the worst.
comments:  Very, very good, until Stranger in a Strange land. It gets weirder, and I think a little better.
Neil Gaimann
comments:  Very Brothers Grimm. In a good way. I want to read his books to my children.
Neal Stephenson
comments:  Who can't love Hiro Protagonist? His books make me want to get serious about computers.

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