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I am a Mexican

American female, barely over 40, with three kids and one grandchild. I am in a common law marriage that has lasted for 24 years so far. This diary chronicles my everyday existence as an enabler to an alcoholic, my temptations, desires, and my reality.

My favorite diaries:

Whystinger    profile - diary
comments:  My man with the recipes and the motorcycle. Did I ever tell you how I've always wanted to go for a ride on one?
X-Centricity    profile - diary
comments:  This is the girl I want to be...happy, in love, sexy, confident con un poquito de diablita (in a good way)
Cera-jeanne    profile - diary
comments:  A very sweet woman, who is very much in love with her hubby. She gorgeous, too!
fightn4life    profile - diary
comments:  Oh...the strongest woman I know in DLand. She kept the faith, and is now beginning a new life. I love her!
bunny828    profile - diary
comments:  She's funny, and very smart. Always leaving me wonderful comments!
fluttrbykiss    profile - diary
comments:  A sweet, sweet person!
misselyssa    profile - diary
noaddedme    profile - diary
comments:  We are fighting some of the same demons (weight). I like it that she swears in her diary (just a little). I don't know why...makes me feel comfortable I guess.
razor-vixen    profile - diary
comments:  La Beauty Queen...
ingridwrites    profile - diary
comments:  I can relate to her "mom-ness" She funny as hell, and I get the impression you don't want to piss her off, either!
smokefree-me    profile - diary
comments:  We have a lot in common
acornotravez    profile - diary
comments:  I like the fact that she calls her man Amor..
idontpretend    profile - diary
comments:  The couple of entries I have read...he sounds so sad. I think my maternal instincts are kicking in!
bubblebliss    profile - diary
comments:  She sounds like a lovely person. I must read some more...
sxy38inga    profile - diary
comments:  She was the Ginger to my MaryAnn! And I still have the picture!
blueyedmom    profile - diary
comments:  She left me a lovely note, so I had to go check her out. She sounds like a great mom and a wonderful grandmother!
illusionless    profile - diary
comments:  New diary for miedema2002
vxxen    profile - diary
comments:  new read I came across..
futurenurse    profile - diary
comments:  Yay...I would sing re-united, but I don't want to bring up any bad memories for J! ;)

My favorite music:

comments:  Anything slow, and sexy...preferably sung by Joe, Rome, RKelly, Keith Sweat, Neyo, Sammie,
Kumbia All Stars
comments:  Nothing like good cumbia music to get you moving them hips!
Eddie Gonzales
comments:  Makes me wish my man would dance...I don't have a dance partner for rancheras!

My favorite movies:

Harry Potter
comments:  Each and every one of them!
Birdges of Madison County
comments:  Man, I can relate to the truck scene!
Steel Magnolia's
Color Purple
comments:  "Like Chocolate for Water,"
Where the Heart Is
comments:  "Head Over Heels" with Freddie Prinze Jr.-funny as hell!

My favorite authors:

Anne Rice
comments:  The Vampire Chronicles (the best one was The Vampire Lestat)
JK Rowling
comments:  It's so sad that the series is over...Now what am I to do?
Sandra Cisneros
comments:  The house on Mango Street
Latina Magazine
comments:  Finally, our version of a girly-mag. And it's filled with hot Latino men!

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