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the real adventures of jonny quest

Follow the beat to your own defeat.

Yes, that's actually a Sailor Moon quote.

No, I don't know why I'm quoting Sailor Moon.

I believe that this may constitute a cry for help.

Oh screw it. Just go read the damn diary.

My favorite diaries:

alkalinetrio    profile - diary
comments:  bobby likes 'but I'm a cheerleader' and has funny hair. wheeee!
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  the god of diaryland. respect the D.
beuysgirl    profile - diary
comments:  just the name is clever enough.
blinkbuddy    profile - diary
comments:  mikey, everyone's favorite geek rocker.
boy-ashamed    profile - diary
comments:  well-written, strangely soothing and depressing all at once. I can't believe he's only a year older than me.
catalpa    profile - diary
comments:  rhythm is a dancer
catastrof    profile - diary
comments:  injun joe is ticklish.
constable    profile - diary
comments:  yes, I know it's a cat. but it's a funny cat. who never updates. arg.
cranpanda    profile - diary
comments:  you can call her audrey. really, she wants you to.
dontyouwish    profile - diary
comments:  "someday I will only remember the ones who thought I was beautiful."
e-val    profile - diary
comments:  "aloha crazy cats. i know people don't read my diary so who the hell am i talking to? i'm not sure."
enemy    profile - diary
comments:  he MOVED.
goldenboys    profile - diary
comments:  josh is my idol. how I found out about diaryland. and how I found my girl. or how she found me, rather.
guavagrrrl    profile - diary
comments:  guava is from a strange, cripsy-fried planet where living is poetry. and poetry is painful. ah, my samski.
hemopoetic    profile - diary
comments:  making sense of the pain.
hilly1    profile - diary
comments:  "hillyriffic!" she's my salmon.
hodgson    profile - diary
comments:  I enjoy this fellow. Perhaps a bit too much.
honeyno    profile - diary
comments:  pictures. of the pretty variety.
iheartponies    profile - diary
comments:  matt.
koalapad    profile - diary
comments:  I <3 travis.
ladeeleroy    profile - diary
comments:  absolutely hilarious. I want some of what she's on. except not. another person in the giant six degress of diaryland.
lockandkey    profile - diary
comments:  don't you wish.
m0ok    profile - diary
comments:  makes sense.
minus    profile - diary
comments:  quality descending.
pantybrains    profile - diary
comments:  egads egads, it's the nicki.
phenks    profile - diary
comments:  yes yes, I finally put peggy in my favorites list. though if you found me through her, and know me in real life, please ask me before you go and start reading my diary.
silentsix    profile - diary
comments:  sweeeeeeeeet. and I love the design.
skellington    profile - diary
comments:  allllllll goooooooooone.
spacegirl    profile - diary
comments:  stupid choking asian babies are gone.
tarapa    profile - diary
comments:  hmm. I don't recall.
teenage-mute    profile - diary
comments:  maybe we'll be friends.
tinyspiral    profile - diary
comments:   k8.
thatmikeykid    profile - diary
comments:  hail hail, he has returned.
uglydragons    profile - diary
comments:  katie is my idol. see what it's like to live in japan for a year and indiana for a college.
wubby    profile - diary
comments:  the lovely and talented ms. pease.

My favorite music:

The Cure
comments:  I'm shaking like milk
They Might Be Giants
comments:  just because you're floating doesn't mean you haven't drowned
The Dead Milkmen
comments:  we are the milkmen, stomp stomp stomp
Modest Mouse
comments:  everyone was two of them and half of everyone else was around
Jackson 5
comments:  one glance was all it took

My favorite movies:

comments:  I just realized that the exclamation point would indicate a musical. now I like it even better.
Revolutionary Girl Utena
comments:  yeah, so I finally finished Utena. the themes weren't as universal as I thought, but it's still really well-executed.
The Dark Crystal
comments:  My favorite movie when I was little, and still really really awesome now. Jim Henson's masterpiece.
The Nightmare Before Christmas
comments:  Visually marvelous, and a great soundtrack. yeah mr. elfman.
Moulin Rouge!
comments:  a.maze.ing. ewan mcgregor can *sing*. john leguizamo can *act*. and, lest we forget, nicole kidman is *hot*.

My favorite authors:

Neil Gaiman
comments:  You can't make an omlette without killing a few people.
Douglas Adams
comments:  You ask a glass of water.....
Kurt Vonnegut
comments:  a nation of two
comments:  I really liked Seamus Heaney's translation
Gabriel García Márquez
comments:  love in the time of cholera

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