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...And The Beat Goes On

I'm a public relations "guru" who knows how to generate good buzz. Do you want to UP your visibility?? Well, do ya, pal..?

My favorite diaries:

ebm    profile - diary
comments:  NOT just because she's my daughter, but because she's beautiful, brilliant and HILARIOUS.

My favorite music:

John Legend
comments:  Because Oprah will kill me if I don't listen to his CDs.
comments:  ...the soundtrack from "A Chorus Line"....because I'm secretly a gay man.
comments:  As hard as I try, I just can't break out of the 60s.
Joan Baez
comments:  Girl-tastic love songs...with a touch of political activism.
Tony Bennett
comments:  ...Frank Sinatra, Diana Krall, Ella, and anyone else who sings the classics from the Great Amercan Songbook

My favorite movies:

The Godfather I & II
comments:  Because they're the two best movies ever made. And, in a completely different Italian motif, I adore "Cinema Paradiso."
Annie Hall
comments:  Remember when Woody Allen movies were FUNNY? Also...people tell me I look like Diane Keaton, so, you know...
Little Miss Sunshine
comments:  Gotta love Alan Arkin..
Out of Africa
comments:  ...that soundtrack...and Robert Redford washing Meryl Streep's hair
Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man
comments:  C'mon...those SONGS!!!

My favorite authors:

Elizabeth Gilbert
comments:  because, like every woman on the planet, I loved "Eat, Pray, Love"
Steve Martin
comments:  Can this man BE any more talented in any more ways? I mean, can he?
Jhumpa Lahiri
comments:  Beautiful stories about love, families, history, heartbreak. She does it all.
Frank McCourt
comments:  When you start one of his books...you never want it to end.
Truman Capote
comments:  Breakfast at Tiffany's...and so much more.

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