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The Death of my Ill-gotten Mentality

"Intelligence has little to do with the application thereof."

My favorite diaries:

bluepetal    profile - diary
comments:  Wicked kawaii. I so love her...
hopes-light    profile - diary
comments:  Moonies make the best friends, of course.
elgan    profile - diary
comments:  Fairly regal!
daath    profile - diary
comments:  Very intelligent in his opinions. =^.^= Hai, Starr swoons.
lapisllong    profile - diary
comments:  Foamy Cult Members always make the best friends...or...the best hunting buddies, you choose.
hissandtell    profile - diary
comments:  Wow...a good...giddy kind of wow...
jadedhopes    profile - diary
comments:  The layout is great, the entries are better...
darkomen    profile - diary
comments:  *melts*
enely    profile - diary
comments:  Happy Bunny Lovers always make the best friends!
jiltedsoul    profile - diary
comments:  I adore the layout and the entries are deep...
goddesskiki    profile - diary
comments:  Viva la Kiki...
thirstywit    profile - diary
comments:  Kawaii. =P
giftofflesh    profile - diary
comments:  Great sense of humour.
wilberteets    profile - diary
comments:  Very interesting!
lady-dra    profile - diary
comments:  Perfection in perfection.
kawaiijoey    profile - diary
comments:  A blast from the past!
pixie-pixie    profile - diary
comments:  Hm...
candoor    profile - diary
comments:  Don't forget your towel...
dataguy    profile - diary
comments:  <<<333
idark    profile - diary
comments:  Old friend.
liger    profile - diary
comments:  Mine!

My favorite music:

Static X
comments:  Like GWAR...without the bestiality...
comments:  Newer Korn is better.
System of a Down

My favorite movies:

Duct Tape Forever
comments:  Red Green Rules
The Last Mimzy
comments:  I just like rabbits...
The Powerpuff Girls Movie
comments:  for best graphics watch it on your computer
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
comments:  Yes, i am a zarking hoopy frood. I'm cool you can keep a side of beef in me for a month. I'm so hip i have trouble seeing over my pelvis...
Donnie Darko
comments:  Perfection....just...perfection!

My favorite authors:

Douglas Adams
comments:  The Ultimate Hitchhiker'gs Guide, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, and Dirk Gently's Holistic Dective Agency
Jim Butcher
comments:  You haven't lived until you seen a Wizard ride a T-Rex through Chicago...
Dean Koontz
comments:  "Phantoms" and "Odd Thomas" are my faves despite "Intensity" and "Mr. Murder"
Philip Pullman
comments:  "The Golden Compass" "The Subtle Knife" and "The Amber Spyglass" are the best works of fantasy since Douglas Adams...
Kim Harrison
comments:  Damn! I love Ivy Tamwood. BUT WHY DID KISTIN HAVE TO DIE?!

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