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I'm weird and I'm proud of that.

To me, Texas is the be all and end all of the United States.

My social life is a comedy of errors when it deigns to exist.

Three things I love: God, cats, and the color purple (not the movie, the actual color).

I am cynical and painfully pessimistic when it comes to the opposite sex.

It SERIOUSLY bugs me how you can't put any html in this profile.

My favorite diaries:

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comments:  Sister
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comments:  Beautiful
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comments:  Unbalanced
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My favorite music:

comments:  'Specially Van Morrison, The Temptations, The Platters, Dean Martin, Buddy Holly, etc, etc, etc,...
Garth Brooks
comments:  The first country artist I ever heard
Fallout Boy
comments:  Gym Class Heroes, Panic At The Disco, Paramore
Dc Talk
comments:  Jesus FREAK, baby.
comments:  Yeah... I'm eclectic. Deal.

My favorite movies:

comments:  I have a crush on Peter Parker. Hehe.
Pirates of the Carribean
comments:  Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. DUH!
The Count of Monte Cristo
comments:  The 2004 (?) movie.
The Three Muskateers
comments:  The Disney Version. Keifer Sutherland. Yes.
comments:  *sob*..... they killed Bruce Willis!!! *sob*

My favorite authors:

Lord Byron
comments:  It's all about the poetry.
John Green
comments:   w00t!
Anne McCaffery
comments:  Sci-Fi! Sci-Fi!
Karen Marie Moning
comments:  ...and Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Nora Roberts, and Catherine Coulter, and so on and so forth...
King Solomon
comments:  Have you READ the romance poems?? Sheesh!

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