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I know everthing. Hurry up and read me before I forget something.

My favorite diaries:

betabitch    profile - diary
comments:  I agree, I say.
realjesus    profile - diary
comments:  Read it. Too funny to explain, you must see the light yourself.
Mckay68    profile - diary
comments:  My spark neighbor and new millenium mama. She's got words for your ass too.
dubyah    profile - diary
comments:  George dubyah Bush that is. Even though I claim to be in search of the truth, a lot of my favorite diaries are phony.
Nudetwister    profile - diary
comments:  Likes and hates stuff, just like all of us, but 'splains it better.
Octobergirl    profile - diary
comments:  She weaves language together like spun gold, beautiful and heavy.
Chiv    profile - diary
comments:  The intelligence is intimidating. Has had a real effect on my life without trying to.
DeadeyeDick    profile - diary
comments:  I'll bring the stray cat, you bring the dogfood.
Lucky-starz    profile - diary
comments:  Honest slices of the human experience.
Ann-frank    profile - diary
comments:  Even Milli Vanilli weren't dedicated enough to lip-synch into a used toilet brush. Full of the good, good comedy !
hi-neighbor    profile - diary
comments:  I hate people who can speak my mind better than me.
Outloud    profile - diary
comments:  Very talented writer.
Unemployed    profile - diary
comments:  Ridiculously hilarious.
Channeled    profile - diary
comments:  A fictional collaberation co-founded by the lovely Octobergirl and yours truly.
KungfuKitten    profile - diary
comments:  Rescues felines, pays to get beaten with sticks, and takes public transit. You know she'll stay inspired.
abortedfetus    profile - diary
comments:  Her entries are short, sweet and will suck you into trying to read them all in one sitting. Perfect for when you have something productive you should be doing.
Ms-M    profile - diary
comments:  The Queen of the humour diary ring. Since she will soon be my wifey, I am the future king! Hail us! NO!-Not with stones!
Bootkiller    profile - diary
comments:  Will make you hungry.
Wicked-sezzy    profile - diary
comments:  Likes drinkin', cussin', porn, and is funnier than W. reading off a teleprompter.
Outfoxed    profile - diary
comments:  Carpenters are smarter than everyone else. Plus we make stuff.
boogabooga    profile - diary
comments:  Even more skilled at the fine art of irritation than I. She gives lessons even. Not enough use of the "F" word, though.
Opiuminjars    profile - diary
comments:  Sells wicker furniture and metal candlesticks but gives away the funny insults.
scanzilla    profile - diary
comments:  A pac-man chasing ghosts arm band tattoo? The lord can take me now.
Dope-sick    profile - diary
comments:  junk. My fake diary.
cabrioler    profile - diary
comments:  Monster slayer.
cello    profile - diary
comments:  Can describe what's in her mind so well it will hover in front of you.
Sam    profile - diary
comments:  Very warm and honest and large breasted, but be careful, her diary will pass on viruses...of enjoyment! (plus she's not corny like this comment)
parched    profile - diary
comments:  I like it.
narcoticgerl    profile - diary
comments:  I was meant to find this one.
beotch    profile - diary
comments:  Open.
anamlabodis    profile - diary
comments:  Understood.
screamingemu    profile - diary
comments:  Figment materialized.
shutupmom    profile - diary
comments:  Makes calling Albert Einstien a genius blasphemous.
fu-fu    profile - diary
comments:  Now that he's getting married I can save myself a cool $45,000 on that sex change at least. (Get it? Because I <3LOVE<3 him)
mr-sparkles    profile - diary
comments:  the mufuckin' man.
lushkinky    profile - diary
comments:  kinkylush
angstisfun    profile - diary
comments:  ILIKEHER!
ludicn    profile - diary
comments:  If the heart and mind could just sit down together and discuss things over a beer...
Mr-Sparkles    profile - diary
comments:  Blaow! How ya like me now?
Mr-Sparkles    profile - diary
comments:  MmmHmm. Don't ever test me!
Peth    profile - diary
comments:  I like her style, but she always be hogging all the best flea picking apes. And may want to kill me.
piehole    profile - diary
comments:  She has dirt on me, writes funny stuff, picks her nose on camera, has good taste in diaries, spawned a child that peed in her fridge, likes to hump and eat teddy grahams, and doesn't hold it against me that it took me way too long to find out all thi
anniewaits    profile - diary
comments:  BEST! BOOTY! EVER! My eberlubin Bean!
pitty-sing    profile - diary
comments:  Better than those combo pretzle snacks with the nacho cheese filling that they used to sell. Yes, BETTER.
sooner    profile - diary
comments:  makes me swooner. feck, for that comment i should be forced to take my eye out with a spooner.
Mrs-roboto    profile - diary
comments:  Oh, the funnyness. Hurry up and spawn some comedians with that Face guy you kick it with why don't ya?
saint-louise    profile - diary
comments:  I like her more than I like me, same as peth.
whyihateyou    profile - diary
comments:  Oh, eunice. You silly love filled little so and so, you're not fooling anyone.
zantimisfit    profile - diary
comments:  God damn right! It took me motherfucking long enough, but you god damn right.
goopies    profile - diary
comments:  good to the last drip.
misskubelik    profile - diary
aphelion8    profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments:  "Better get involved in how the world revolves and evolves, and solve all that you can solve before your mind dissolves..."
Freestyle fellowship
comments:  If I was shipwrecked on an island I wouldn't even need the other two choices.
comments:  So much talent, so much mushrooms.
Donald Glaude
comments:  "Make some fucking noise!"
comments:  Makes me feel E-tarded even if I'm not.

My favorite movies:

Barton Fink
comments:  The life of the mind.
Millers Crossing
comments:  Just speculatin' on a hypothisis.
Let Him Have It
comments:  Will make you cry. I promise. Yeah you too, toughguy.
The Croupier
comments:  "Hold on tightly, let go lightly"
The City of Lost Children
comments:  Better than imagination.

My favorite authors:

The kids in the hall
comments:  Great Canadian humour.
The Simpsons
comments:  Never get sick of it.
Law and Order
comments:  A show that uses conversation as a plot vehicle.
Malcolm in the Middle
comments:  Better than most T.V. nowadays.
Bug Juice
comments:  Like the Real World, but thirteen y/o's don't act like whiney brats as much as 22 y/o's.

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