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Im ginger, long haired, fat, have a tail and two horns!

My favorite diaries:

tiggerJen    profile - diary
comments:  My Girl
groovy-jo    profile - diary
comments:  Jo, she means he world to me
emmiexx    profile - diary
comments:  One of my best friends
shinein    profile - diary
comments:  Vick, always there i you need a chat.
shazm22    profile - diary
comments:  sharon another one of these glaswigians. she does way too much for her own good!
deadbeatpete    profile - diary
comments:  its really just worth going to see his diary to have a look at his bum ;)!
missmolly1    profile - diary
comments:  Another one of my closest friends, I really like Molly
i533888    profile - diary
comments:  James the man to rely on at all times!
confused1    profile - diary
comments:  My sheep :)
viks    profile - diary
comments:  vikki the best person to watch the tweenies with . even though she loves the hoobs now :'(
a-rainbow    profile - diary
comments:  this is kats diary!
smc78    profile - diary
comments:  Sara , would you belive it another glaswigian :o! and only a bus ride away ;)! Shes great !
sicknote    profile - diary
comments:  The Nickster, doesnt update much anymore
vikki-viking    profile - diary
comments:  The Q, even tho we have our ups and downs I actually really like her
stickybud    profile - diary
comments:  Su
girlzanna    profile - diary
comments:  i loove talking food with her and she make sthe best cards ever! :D
randomfacts    profile - diary
comments:  Nim is a fellow Glaswigian shes very nice
yawner    profile - diary
comments:  Jim is Lauras Boyfriend had a great diary
shevdevil    profile - diary
comments:  the coolest swiss ( well a bit swiss) I know I really do quite like her
lilmissalien    profile - diary
comments:  its shelly, i think thats all i have to say !
kangaroopoo    profile - diary
comments:  Sarah a scottish lass she does great designs too
sleepingrock    profile - diary
comments:  Peter doesnt update anymore but I like to leave it up here.
hayleyrose    profile - diary
comments:  Hayley one of my first close ME friends, she means a lot to me
picklebrains    profile - diary
comments:  some cool stories
frannyw    profile - diary
comments:  Fran - who I quite like and isnt half as scary as I thought now Ive met her !
william2k    profile - diary
comments:  William.. from school hehe
leepy-kate    profile - diary
comments:  i dont get to talk to her enough these days!
cornflake1    profile - diary
comments:  she fancies snape even more then i do!
cazz238    profile - diary
comments:  caz is cool, sadly havnt met her yet but im sure it wont be long now!
imho    profile - diary
comments:  Gaz, my Boy
mathewleeke    profile - diary
comments:  Matt - a new pal who i really like
arkangelus    profile - diary
comments:  David - one of the glasgow bunch
chillidip    profile - diary
comments:  i dont know her but i like her diary
jason75    profile - diary
comments:  im an avid reader of his
hot-crumpets    profile - diary
comments:  X
soozeepop    profile - diary
comments:  one of many of Su's diary's
miss-sleepy    profile - diary
comments:  Lis X
anna-spanner    profile - diary
comments:  the lovely Anna
embar24    profile - diary
comments:  shes coming to scotland
laura-baura    profile - diary
comments:  Another cool glaswigian chick

My favorite music:

comments:  cause there just the best band ever
Dixie Chicks
comments:  they've touched my breasts
The Thorns
comments:  A class act!
Mike Oldfield
comments:  cause hes music is amazing and I have been listing to him since I was 2 years old
Allison Krauss
comments:  She makes me go all tingly when she sings

My favorite movies:

Forrest Gump
comments:  I love it. It akes me think and I just enjoy watching it.
Meet Joe Black
comments:  just saw it recently and thought it was brilliant. So well made and I just really enjoyed it.
comments:  cause it makes me cry and I think hes soo cute :D!
All of Monty Python
comments:  Absolutely love them! All of them just class!
Nacked gun
comments:  just cause they are hilariously funny and I can watch all of them a hundert times and still laugh

My favorite authors:

comments:  cause she worte Haryy Potter
Phillip Pullman
comments:  Just been reading his trilogy.
Antoine De Saint-Exupery

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