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Did you really think your life would turn out the way you dreamed?

My name is Kate. I'm a single, 26 year old, stay at home mom (SAHM) to my adorable little monster son, Hunter. Other titles I fall under are: Native-American, photographer, music junkie, rocker, tattooed, pierced, and Californian. Quite a lovely mix if I don't say so myself.

I'm currently having legal issues with my ex, Josh. Who decided he wanted to back in Hunter's life when he was about 18 months old. So I've locked up just to be safe. I'm glad to share the username/password with readers, just leave me a note with your email addy or hey, you can email me at death_blooms79@yahoo.com and I'll get the info to you.



My favorite diaries:

purplesage26    profile - diary
comments:  My sister!!! Jeanne. She's just like me. We think so much alike it can be scary. Oh yea, she's also my best friend. =)
theflyingrat    profile - diary
comments:  Jenn - Momma to Riley!! Funny woman, has quickly become a great friend. Always has something funny to say to cheer me up.
for-riley    profile - diary
comments:  ^Jenn's diary for her son Riley.
losingdavid    profile - diary
comments:  ^Jenn's diary for her lost little angel, David Sheehan.
thehour    profile - diary
comments:  Momma to Munchkin!! Another one that has become a great friend, love her views on mommyhood, and dealing with a smart-ass kid!! hahha.
mozangeles    profile - diary
comments:  [locked]
xx-angel-xx    profile - diary
comments:  Holli - Momma to Logan. So cute. I relate to her writing alot.
momma-at-17    profile - diary
comments:  Sarah - New momma to Taylor born 6-29-05!
mamabean    profile - diary
comments:  Megan - Momma to Alex. She is one of the most intelligent and witty moms I've ever had the pleasure to know.
friedokra    profile - diary
comments:  [locked]
hertinyhands    profile - diary
comments:  [locked]
corbel    profile - diary
tequilamonky    profile - diary
comments:  Jemma - Momma to Jaya. Adding another baby to her already gorgeous family!
hibiscus101    profile - diary
comments:  Erika! One of the kindest girls. She always leaves wonderful comments that make me smile =)
lilpeanut80    profile - diary
comments:  Candice - Momma to Jonas. Part time international smartass, full time mom. Great combo.
makinganewme    profile - diary
comments:  [locked]
bubbles11090    profile - diary
comments:  Momma to Riley! (yay, another lil man!)
mymemry    profile - diary
comments:  Julie - Momma to Nathan. I kept haunting her everywhere she went!! Hehe. Her lil man looks like quite a character. =)
camham    profile - diary
comments:  Heather - Momma to Camden. He's gorgeous. =)
arthursmummy    profile - diary
comments:  Alice - Mummy to Arthur. She always has something cool going on. Like baby signing!!
lerin    profile - diary
monkymind    profile - diary
comments:  [locked]
princesse69    profile - diary
comments:  Momma to Ethan and another one coming soon.
seasons79    profile - diary
comments:  New momma to Jackson. I will be checking back here!
aloneindark5    profile - diary
comments:  [locked]
amommaslove    profile - diary
comments:  Momma to Blaze & Shaylee. She's a military wife, interesting!
yur-gonna-be    profile - diary
comments:  Chantele - momma to Jordan.
smedindy    profile - diary
comments:  Smed - papa to Katie and Kristin. A ton of great essays I need to catch up on!
smiles2much    profile - diary
comments:  Eva - one of my real life buddies. She is so funny, smart and has a magnetic personality. Not to mention she's a cutie pie.
leebeenz    profile - diary
gemmum2b    profile - diary
mattoxs-mom    profile - diary
privatejenn    profile - diary
just2cusmile    profile - diary
ladybugge    profile - diary
button2006    profile - diary
kidzpinkcat    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Almost Anything
comments:  from rock, alternative, punk, to country, big band/swing, classical, opera, even some hip-hop and R&B.
The Toadies
Pow wow drums

My favorite movies:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

My favorite authors:

Christopher Moore
comments:  My new favorite author! A Dirty Job, Practical Demonkeeping
Chuck Palahniuk
comments:  Haunted, Invisible Monsters, Diary: A Novel
Jeff Long
comments:  The Descent - amazing book!
Sandra Boynton
comments:  I love reading her books to Hunter. Esp Moo Baa La La La

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