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Writing breaks open the vaults of the dead and the skies behind which prophesying angels hide. - Sylvia Plath

My favorite diaries:

surreal669    profile - diary
comments:  we be of one blood, thee and i....
mcearstix    profile - diary
comments:  this is a beautiful genius of a girl gelfling
ana-ng    profile - diary
bessiq    profile - diary
comments:  "yes I swear you're the fiercest calm I've been in"
abwhite    profile - diary
bindyree    profile - diary
boy-blue    profile - diary
central-red    profile - diary
deadish    profile - diary
drowning13    profile - diary
ergoatlas    profile - diary
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lightfallsup    profile - diary
deepest-blue    profile - diary
lv2write00    profile - diary
kristintracy    profile - diary
myra-lee    profile - diary
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ophelialetgo    profile - diary
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poul    profile - diary
ronkc    profile - diary
rumblelizard    profile - diary
saint-louise    profile - diary
seedpod    profile - diary
shi-ou-sama    profile - diary
sleepyzoe    profile - diary
theshivers    profile - diary
porktornado    profile - diary
girlsdontcry    profile - diary
idiot-milk    profile - diary
smoog    profile - diary
trancejen    profile - diary
weetabix    profile - diary
ozwald    profile - diary
pixieadrift    profile - diary
thedailywtf    profile - diary
juddhole    profile - diary
unclebob    profile - diary
and    profile - diary
blow-it-up    profile - diary
blueraineyes    profile - diary
megsbigdog    profile - diary
mainsqueeze    profile - diary
stats01    profile - diary
almost-sane    profile - diary

My favorite music:

switchblade symphony
comments:  concrete blonde - radiohead - pink floyd - david bowie - placebo - skinny puppy - fiona apple - RATM - shudder to think
comments:  nine inch nails - marilyn manson - the doors - dead can dance - smashing pumpkins - dusty springfield - nina gordon - the eels
billie holiday
comments:  charlie parker - nina simone - the cure - this mortal coil - milla jovovich - rasputina - cake - depeche mode - norah jones
tori amos
comments:  enigma - paula cole - angelo badalamenti - dieagnostic - pj harvey - portishead - led zeppelin - bjork - howie day
ani difranco
comments:  liszt - indigo girls - poe - type o negative - frontline assembly - cocteau twins - mazzy star - TMBG - sisters of mercy

My favorite movies:

the crow
comments:  watership down - niagara, niagara - the wall - anything monty python - finding nemo
american beauty
comments:  strange days - natural born killers - anything by david lynch - hackers
requiem for a dream
comments:  breakfast at tiffany's - the last unicorn - girl, interrupted - brazil - my neighbor totoro
city of lost children
comments:  rebecca - dark city - pi - anything by kevin smith - dark crystal - spirited away
high art
comments:  a clockwork orange - bound - usual suspects - fight club - the emperors new groove

My favorite authors:

anne rice
comments:  joyce carol oates - elizabeth wurtzel - lewis carroll - pagan kennedy - jeanette winterson
poppy z brite
comments:  caitlin kiernan - judy blume - hunter s thompson - stephen king - anais nin
neil gaiman
comments:  jhonen vasquez - todd mcfarlane - w somerset maugham - sylvia plath
dean koontz
comments:  roman dirge - clive barker - ayn rand - anne sexton - chuck palanniuk
margaret atwood
comments:  francesca lia block - jack kerouac - william s burroughs - allen ginsburg - tom robbins

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