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dreams of immortality

I HAVE MOVED! http://indigokare.livejournal.com

i am a hardcore indigo girls fan.

hardcore, i said.

first of all, i am not one of those annoying new fans. i have loved them since 1989 and am still going strong. i have been to over 130 indigo girls shows, have over 300 IG bootlegs, have seen "the girls" in several states, met many of my friends through the IG fan circuit, and plan my vacations and holidays around their tour schedule.

at the spur of a moment, i will jump on an airplane and fly across country for one show.

obsessed, eh? you still don't believe me? read my diary...

aside from IG, i love to travel abroad. i work in the travel industry, which is a pretty good fit for me. vietnam is my current fave. i have lived in france and japan. i majored in japanese and women's studies in college.



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My favorite music:

Indigo Girls
comments:  who else? my biggest inspirations. my favorite band ever. loved them since the late 1980's. have a collection of 300+ bootlegs. seen them live over 100 times. i am obsessed. Amy Ray+Emily Saliers=IG a+e=ig
Amy Ray
comments:  Prom is the all time best album ever. Stag follows closely. her band, the volunteers, are also the best.
comments:  a trio from ny: ty, doris, and nate. amy recently signed them to daemon. anyway, they're great at harmonizing and at songwriting. really funny and energetic too. you gotta check them out!!!
Nineteen Forty- Five
comments:  Daemon Band that i heart so much. With Will Lochamy on drums, you can't go wrong! (and of course Hunter on lead vocals and guitar and Katharine on bass)
Snow Machine
comments:  Katharine McElroy's (of 1945) latest solo project. Intelligent indie pop at its best...

My favorite movies:

comments:  the indigo girls video documentry. awesome interviews, great live clips, and music videos. any IG fan needs this. of course live at the uptown lounge and live at the fillmore also go here...
Boys on the Side
comments:  Great plot, and progressive storyline, but I tend to fast forward to the Indigo Girls scene... ;) (a short list of other movies with IG music: philadelphia, climb aganist the odds...)
Bend It Like Beckham
comments:  great story, hot soccer girls, and lots of gay and cultural themes. can't get enough of it!
comments:  black comedy about those ever so annoying jesus freak teenagers. all "christians" should see it. it teaches tolerance.
Lost In Translation
comments:  i *LIVED* it for a while. great shots of tokyo.

My favorite authors:

Lonely Planet
comments:  not an author, but the best guide books around... (far superior to the rough guides)
Will Ferguson
comments:  author of "hokkaido highway blues," my all-time favorite book. also: bill bryson, tania aebi, isabella bird
Naomi Wolf
comments:  feminist writer. check her out! also love gloria steinem (who i met...), mary daly, winona laduke, leonard peltier, inga muscio
Virginia Woolf
comments:  the pioneer of feminist authors! also: anais nin, john steinbeck, edward said
Ariyoshi Sawako
comments:  feminist japanese writer... read "the doctor's wife." also: yoshiko uchida, yasunari kawabata

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