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Lani, 25, Boston-bound, degrees in English, would-be critic, Times New Roman adversary, booksnob.

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My favorite diaries:

evolver    profile - diary
comments:  you have to live for yourself. you have to love fully and without obligation. you have to love what you do. try to remember.
memnoch-thed    profile - diary
comments:  Let the clouds tickle your heart and falling leaves tickle your face. A breeze is blowing from the north into my dreams.
trendymatt    profile - diary
comments:  Things don't look so bleak when there's less clouding your vision.
fellbehind    profile - diary
comments:  Where my favorite songs weren’t about broken dreams, broken promises, and broken hearts.
crayon    profile - diary
comments:  especially you in the red.
charmcity    profile - diary
comments:  I realize this and suddenly know that I'm happy. I'm not pretending anymore.
guildenstern    profile - diary
comments:  Sometimes, just to imagine that things are actually as they are is an almighty flight of fancy. Be grateful.
fourbysix    profile - diary
comments:  It's also like watching a part of yourself that has been buried somewhere deep inside, for maybe forever, come out for just a little glimpse through someone you care a lot for.
perferated    profile - diary
comments:  My shower-head still drips constantly and I still get heartsick occassionally, but all in all things are looking up.
anothermatch    profile - diary
comments:  For my own sake. As I remember starting anew.
mousepoet    profile - diary
comments:  i looked at the darkening, purpling sky i swore i saw Venus and Jupiter and Mars most of all leaning in to say i got next.
mi-contra-fa    profile - diary
comments:  Centuries of claiming down the stars and the moon on behalf of people who don't want the burden of carrying them.
throwingjuly    profile - diary
comments:  a moment, one moment that rises up to overwhelm your rationality and words, then rushes down into your stomach, clinging with the tenacity of an invader claiming a throne not rightfully won.
luckbalady    profile - diary
comments:  The sodium-infused flush of streetlights, houses, and emergency vehicles light up the sky tonight.
timpression    profile - diary
comments:  The poets hold the ritual of blank pages / long-dry ink pools in the margins / and drips back into the wells
unimark    profile - diary
comments:  thinking about how i blended into concrete in my hooded sweatshirt ... where does art come from?
so-then-what    profile - diary
comments:  Because no one ever wins the pain olympics. Ever.
nosuperman    profile - diary
comments:  untill then, i can be a dork and live in my girly moment of the day and be excited about the sugar and fish swimming in my stomach.
parsimony    profile - diary
comments:  Nothing says MC like lunch over West Wing on Bravo and random Diaryland entries. :-)
sinnergi    profile - diary
comments:  These are the conditions that come along with taking risks, though…and sometimes you just have to take a chance.
lightfallsup    profile - diary
comments:  i'm mostly only a series of things thought about and experienced. i am the gibberish of these stories.

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