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The Uselessness of Friends...

ThaiAmericanGeekAnger. Overreacting to everything since April 2000.

"At the closest point, we're just 0.01 cm apart from each other." -- Chungking Express



My favorite diaries:

abendbrot    profile - diary
ann-frank    profile - diary
comments:  The voice of reason and truth.
baignoire    profile - diary
comments:  ex-alkalinepixi
bitterdreams    profile - diary
cafeaukitty    profile - diary
dirtnerdluv    profile - diary
jaynebunny    profile - diary
comments:  see zephyrbunny
keevan    profile - diary
comments:  Moved to keevan.blogspot.com
le-spectacle    profile - diary
comments:  ex-happypumpkin
linh    profile - diary
margaretyang    profile - diary
comments:  The best site name in all of diaryland.
mayonaise516    profile - diary
nerdalert    profile - diary
comments:  Block rocking beats.
nikitac    profile - diary
comments:  Usually i can't read her site, but she's way cool anyhow. She hooked me up with the places to go in HK.
psst-tsismis    profile - diary
sickday    profile - diary
sillymeeps    profile - diary
xcelerasian    profile - diary
comments:  back from the dead.
zephyrbunny    profile - diary
comments:  I know Jayne from TPAAYC. We're cooler than the rest of them.
waffler    profile - diary
comments:  dead/MIA favorites: flink, vertigo73, kimiko117, zhuzen13, jillysp, belley, starmekitten, tvland
oral-report    profile - diary
comments:  ex geeky-kiki
nikita1    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Smashing Pumpkins
comments:  (Zwan)
Faye Wong
The Reputation
comments:  (Sarge/Elizabeth Elmore)
comments:  Pinkerton r0x0rs my s0x0rz.
Alkaline Trio
comments:  + R.E.M., j-pop, Get Up Kids, MU330, Skankin' Pickle, Radiohead, Ani Difranco, Slapstick/Lawrence Arms, Utada Hikaru, Morning Musume, Smoking Popes/Duvall, and...

My favorite movies:

The Hudsucker Proxy
comments:  You know, for kids!
Chungking Express
comments:  Best EVER. (Also the other WKW films. duh.)
Princess Mononoke/Laputa/Totoro/Spirited Away
comments:  Everything else by Hayao Miyazaki.
comments:  Caress the pork. Say, "See you soon."
In the Mood for Love
comments:  Pure Beauty. Also: Rushmore, both Toy Story's, Hard Boiled/the Killer, Clerks, Star Wars, Big Trouble in Little China, Ghost World, Shaolin Soccer

My favorite authors:

Haruki Murakami
comments:  Norwegian Wood made me slightly crazy for a few days.
Jessica Hagedorn
comments:  And once/ you start dancing/ to words /you might never/ stop
Banana Yoshimoto
comments:  Bananamania!
Adrian Tomine
comments:  Heart-wrenching indie comics that stab me in the gut.
Dave Eggers
comments:  mostly for AHWOSG. Also: Sarah Vowell.

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