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Tangled Web of Disaster

I want something good to die for....

My favorite diaries:

captainjack5    profile - diary
comments:  Well, seems he started to update again. Go him, lol....
loveisacrime    profile - diary
comments:  ...

My favorite music:

The Ataris
comments:  I've seen them in concert twice, and i want to see them again. They're just an awesome band, and some damn good lyrics
Taking Back Sunday
comments:  Along with Brand New, both are pretty good bands. Need to get their cds to find out fully if they are truly good or not though, lol
Linkin Park
comments:  Good stuff, definately....
comments:  Still love them, even though some stuff of theirs is getting a little old...
comments:  Sixteen Stone has to be my #1 CD of all times. Everything is great on that cd, everything...

My favorite movies:

comments:  Buffy. Yep. Love it. Along with Angel (although i'm kinda sketchy towards the new 5th Season). I'm a Buffy-phile....
comments:  A very fucked up movie, but very good. I usually don't like foreign films, but this was an exception, lol. Give it a try, you'll laugh your ass off....
comments:  a movie that is comic related. plus nudity. plus action. plus great comedy. am i in heaven here?
The Rules Of Attraction
comments:  Heh, i love all aspects of this movie! I can't wait to read the novel of it, should be interesting...
Disturbing Behavior
comments:  Freaks allll week =o)

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments:  God, he is one of the best horror writers around! Hell, maybe even best writer around, lol. I've always loved his shit, it almost never gets bad.
Brian K. Vaughn
comments:  His stuff on Y-The Last Man is some great shit! Its a wonder that no comics were made like this one before...
Brian Michael Bendis
comments:  His Daredevil run has revolutionized the whole Daredevil mythos, brining DD back to being a badass. Ultimate Spider-Man has had some of the best damn stories all around, its so fucking great.

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