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ThIS is A Story Of A gIRL

Well i am starting over......at another diary in diaryland.. ill telll you what my new name is if you JLYNN1979@comcast.net for more information........ I have had this diary for over 2 and a half years..Ill miss being ME, Jennlynn24

Lata! -Jennlynn24-

My favorite diaries:

bethany9    profile - diary
comments:  ThiS CHiCAgo ChiC..IS so MuCH Fun.... LoVE ReadING
snshyne    profile - diary
comments:  The OTheR PeA In THE pOD..... PoWEr Of ThE JeNS....JeNNIFer LYNNS ARe TrOuBle......ParTNeRS In CRimE....FaVorITe DiARy oF CouRSE ;)
singlegirl    profile - diary
comments:  PeRfeCt BoyFRienD,AmaZing PerSOn, Shes Like My Long Lost SistER..I LOve ReadING About HER Life..and GlAD ShE iSNt WitH beN anYmoRE!
spoildangelz    profile - diary
comments:  AnOTher AriES ChiC WhO is So LiKE me.. iTs ScARy..I loVE REadING abOUt heR Life,MeNs, Local baRs and How Her N Her Peoples Do it UP
partygirl    profile - diary
comments:  UsEd TO ReAD Up On HEr EvERyDAy-ShE dOesnt WRiTe ANyMORe.. NYC LiFeSTylE of Da RIcH n FamOUS (LoL) She HAs A Fun LIfE
unclebob    profile - diary
comments:  EveRyOne LOVES UnCLe BoB
soverycherry    profile - diary
comments:  This GIrl AmAZEs ME... FrOM ParTY GirL to FaCiNG ThE ToUGhEST DeCisIOn In HEr LIfe.... AmAZING
Phyre    profile - diary
comments:  HIpPYgRL
kris-tee    profile - diary
comments:  A BeAutIFul GiRL, MarRIed And KiD on THe WaY...
rkwj1    profile - diary
comments:  FelLOw JeRSiAN..PreTTY CoOl GuY
excogitate    profile - diary
comments:  Ex haS moVed To Here!!SheS onE of MY FaVeS! :)
Frozen-Angel    profile - diary
comments:  KeEps Me On MyToes.. ShE jUst HAd a RouGH deLIvery...AmAZing PerSOn She IS
Andrew    profile - diary
comments:  THe MaN bEhinD the MasTer PlAN-DL
coronagrl69    profile - diary
comments:  JerSEy BabY :
Clarity25    profile - diary
comments:  We WeRE SePAratED at BIrth... nOthing ELse ExPLains IT betTEr thAn thaT!
nora555    profile - diary
comments:  JuST GeTTing StARtEd GetTIng TO knoW Her :)
girlygirl83    profile - diary
comments:  GooD ReAD.. VERy ToUChing DOwn To EarTH GiRLie GIrL
newlyweds    profile - diary
comments:  gREaT READIng.. ActuALLY came aCRoss her in this book I am reading... And here I am:_ CHeckI T OUT!
Aliboomboom    profile - diary
comments:  New REad.. She is a Super Cool Chica
jess1976    profile - diary
comments:  New Read AS well... Shes REcently Engaged and loves the Knot, I cant Wait to REad about her Life!
alwaysaurora    profile - diary
comments:   AddiCted tO Her DiarY
lettynow    profile - diary
comments:  She IS AMazINg

My favorite music:

Linkin Park
comments:  OBSESSED
comments:  OBSESSED
50 Cent
Third Eye Blind

My favorite movies:

Romeo and Juliet
Dazed and Confused
Ace Ventura

My favorite authors:

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