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My favorite diaries:

cosmokane profile - diary
comments: i ripped off the design from him. the clean lines of his thoughts laid bare.
lemonaide profile - diary
comments: i want to give her a hug
xoxotoe profile - diary
comments: luscious descriptions
pro-keds profile - diary
comments: entries short and sweet, and a fellow fotologger
arajane profile - diary
comments: another f'logger whose brevity is the soul of wit.
cultofme profile - diary
comments: megalomania was never so entertaining.
robin-smith profile - diary
comments: now, with fresh links!
misterzero profile - diary
comments: chillin' like bob dylan
salmondriver profile - diary
comments: a favorite fotologger
boxingnun profile - diary
comments: all the chemical urges
idiomatic profile - diary
comments: safety first
odalisk profile - diary
comments: a cult of yes
callmekat profile - diary
comments: ADD as entertainment
pantasy profile - diary
comments: any friend of audrey's is a friend of mine
frankohara profile - diary
comments: good morning new york city!
pirategirl profile - diary
comments: bc i love pirates!
thole profile - diary
comments: pepto bismol colors
halfdevoured profile - diary
comments: the photos are grisly but i'm getting used to them.
porktornado profile - diary
comments: worst album covers of all time
epiphany profile - diary
comments: anyone who can have an epiphany in baltimore is a friend of mine
tankengine profile - diary
comments: is my new favorite person
anisettekiss profile - diary
comments: nice images and funny lines
seat profile - diary
comments: dreamy freeway images
joecartoon profile - diary
comments: raising self-deprecation to an art form
chuchundra profile - diary
comments: pictures of rats
karmicenigma profile - diary
comments: self-doubt in an attractive package

My favorite music:

steely dan
comments: silly early LA stuff but still pretty much rocks
my bloody valentine
comments: 'loveless' is simply the best guitar album ever
chet baker
comments: ethereal jazz trumpet with pretty boy vocals to match
brian eno
comments: modern electronica almost starts with him

My favorite movies:

lost highway
comments: and every other david lynch movie, because he is a sick, twisted genius
point break
comments: best mindless surfing movie ever made, plus keanu reeves!
the matrix
comments: urged me to quit my hated job, plus keanu reeves!
comments: amazing slow burn policier with gorgeous camera work
donnie darko
comments: schizophrenia never looked so cool

My favorite authors:

salman rushdie
comments: not afraid of a fatwa
david foster wallace
comments: still love him although i can't seem to finish infinite jest
howard zinn
comments: so poignant about america's dirty little secrets
steve erickson
comments: silly LA poetry group stuff, but oddly elegiac

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