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First there is this -

“What distinguishes the majority of men from the few is their inability to act according to their beliefs."

Henry Miller.

Then there is this -

"It's a matter of love; the more you love a memory the stronger that memory becomes."


Click on the 'enter@random' to escape. I don't go for continuity. I've always been the time traveller.

You will find:

1,783,027 words, 1,879 entries over 5,091 pages (if you print them off, single space and try to file them as I did once)

You'll find short films on YouTube under jj27vv.

And photos in Flickr under 'My Mind Bursts.' As well as an e-learning blog a Mindbursts.edublgos and a swim coaching blog at thewellyman.wordpress.



My favorite diaries:

sikpan    profile - diary
comments:  Just write.
buggerthat    profile - diary
comments:  Why not?
asdfjkl94    profile - diary
comments:  And another.
invisibledon    profile - diary
comments:  Scores on writing and design ... and he sent me a Postcard from America
kungfukitten    profile - diary
comments:  'I carry my iPod around with me at all times and I can't leave the house unless my bra and panties match.'
ladyvaduva    profile - diary
comments:  'Wazzy's bein a real bum wipe of a father figure lately'
lightfallsup    profile - diary
comments:  ‘A work of art is good if it arises out of necessity. that is the only way one can judge it’
nebulous615    profile - diary
comments:  ‘"I love you, too," I said. Words rarely spoken out loud. They felt strange. The next day I was nearly giddy. Smiles. Skipping. That silly scene of twitterpated springtime Bambie fauna.’
moodswing    profile - diary
comments:  Who's been here longest ... other than Andew?
nixtress    profile - diary
comments:  'I'm the white sheep product of two black sheep. I love to give head. I like to swallow.'
stellarose    profile - diary
comments:  'i'm twitterpated' Stylish, Frequent, Easy Read a great romp through life!
xhearyoume    profile - diary
comments:  I think this is it.
randomrabbit    profile - diary
comments:  'Trisha today had a 12 year old mum on, and also they were giving a chav couple a white wedding. And the audience were all in Santa hats. Bless.'
asloat    profile - diary
comments:  Oh yes
sandyha    profile - diary
comments:  How couold you!
memmunch    profile - diary
comments:  Rings true
and-the-way    profile - diary
comments:  It is so ...
slywy    profile - diary
comments:  Banjo Baby & more. Start Here to put a smile of contentment on your face.
sundaygirl    profile - diary
comments:  Pushing 3000 entries. Boy, I've been awaya long time.
stepfordtart    profile - diary
comments:  I read, I smile, I read some more. So here you are.
byebeautiful    profile - diary
comments:  Ha Ha !
ashley-j-d    profile - diary
comments:  I thought so :)
aryssa90    profile - diary
comments:  And another ...
missxjackie    profile - diary
comments:  eeek!
geekycrap    profile - diary
comments:  I think
sassyphoto    profile - diary
comments:  Sounds good or looks good?
Englishsucks    profile - diary
comments:  No it doesn't.
Sherpahigh    profile - diary
comments:  Why?
Kakashiharum    profile - diary
comments:  What does this mean?
mikehunt    profile - diary
comments:  Oh yeah!
raschel    profile - diary
comments:  And u 2
summerroll    profile - diary
comments:  I couldn't agree more
letsfaceit    profile - diary
comments:  Let's!
deriveazure    profile - diary
svenhard    profile - diary
comments:  I agree ...
wilberteets    profile - diary
missxjackie    profile - diary
starzero    profile - diary
firendesire    profile - diary
imatwin    profile - diary
comments:  are you?
diarygirl218    profile - diary
holowbb    profile - diary
comments:  Don't.
aryssa90    profile - diary
handlebars    profile - diary
comments:  Bike, moped of bicyle?
sandyha    profile - diary
comments:  girl or boy?
beyondpanic    profile - diary
comments:  Wait and see
h2odragon    profile - diary
comments:  water dragon ... like you are a hose pipe.
scullerymaid    profile - diary
comments:  Keen to spend more time here. Already doing the Five Steps creative writing exercise she recommends.
super21    profile - diary
comments:  super 27 woulod be better
cabbits    profile - diary
comments:  Cabbage meats rabbit
nicky0590    profile - diary
comments:  why?
guodan    profile - diary
comments:  go on ... then
jamemally    profile - diary
comments:  jam ... what kind
softsapphire    profile - diary
comments:  rings true
english-grad    profile - diary
comments:  english
reidea    profile - diary
comments:  ride who?
silverywhite    profile - diary
comments:  gold and orange
ladyherenya    profile - diary
comments:  Lady ...
gcivy    profile - diary
comments:  and?
shine4eva    profile - diary
comments:  really
thepeachtree    profile - diary
comments:  And hello
citynoise    profile - diary
comments:  I hate it ... city noise ... not you .. just traffic ... especially diesel vans ... white ones with blokes on their mobile phones ..
glorycloud    profile - diary
comments:  and the silver lining
firendesire    profile - diary
comments:  desire every time
phaythles    profile - diary
comments:  Sounds pharmaceautical
leaflet    profile - diary
comments:  Dam
carver1    profile - diary
comments:  Meat
sundaygirl    profile - diary
comments:  Only Sundays?
svenhard    profile - diary
comments:  Norwegian Hard ... like an icicle or a clacire?
serena    profile - diary
comments:  I like it
cocoabean    profile - diary
comments:  Chocolate!
sixweasels    profile - diary
comments:  How many?
take-two    profile - diary
comments:  And three and four and more ...
killsbury    profile - diary
BRIGHTXXEYEZ    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Elton John
comments:  I go through phases of listening to this man. Also David Bowie.
The Rolling Stones
comments:  Rock gods, great muscians, best unplugged or at Wembley Stadium.
Michael Nyman
comments:  Weird, compelling, forceful, inventive, demanding. Especially tracks from 'The Draughtsman's Contract and 'Drowing by Numbers' ... also 'And do they do Zoo Caprices' also the Michael Nyman Songbook with Ute Lemper.
Katie Melua
comments:  Lyrical, epic, cinematic. moving. Also Avril Lavigne, Sugababes, Avril Lavigne, Alicia Keys, Tatu, Kylie, Sheryl Crow, Sinaid O'Connor ...
Scissor Sisters
comments:  They are Elton John, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and the Stones forthe 21st Century,.Also Finely Quay, George Michael, Robbie Williams, Daniel Bedingfield

My favorite movies:

The Fifth Element
comments:  Cool, colourful, mad, formulaic and proud of it. Also: 'Alien' and 'Aliens', 'Blade Runner', 'Enemy Mine', 'Independence Day', 'Stargate', 'Star Wars', 'Betty Blue', 'Pa
Fucking Amal
comments:  Lesbian Love between Norweigan teeners- a classy comedy from Lukas Moodysson. Also try 'Flirting' for teenage Tandie Newton, Noah ??? and Nicole Kidman as well as 'Amelie', 'Delicatessan', 'Toto le Hero'
Peter Pan
comments:  This is the first time I've returned to a cinema three times to see a movie. Go see 'Peter Pan.' AlsoTerry Gilliam's films, also Peter Greenaway and Alan Parker.
comments:  Also from Jean-Jacques Benniex, 'Betty Blue.'
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
comments:  As sophisticated and as sexy as the book. Also 'Henry & June' - filsm of books that you must also read with passion.

My favorite authors:

Henry Miller
comments:  Tropic of Cancer, Sexus, even Plexus ... his letters. Anais Nin, her journals and erotica.
Michel Houellebecq
comments:  'Platform' is easier to read than 'Atomised'. He has three subjects on which he writes effortlessly: childhood, sex and alcohol. Or, as he might say, optimisim, disillusion, and forgetlfulness.
Audrey Niffenegger
comments:  'The Time Traveller’s Wife’ & M Kundera 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being' again, Also Michael Ondaatje.
Haruki Murakami
comments:  Currently reading 'Dance, Dance, Dance.' 'The Wind-up Bird Chronicles' - a wicked woven web of insights and weirdness
Steven Pressfield
comments:  'The Gates of Fire' is epic, rich and dense. 'The War of Art' is a crucial read for anyone setting out to write.

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