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My favorite diaries:

bebelua profile - diary
comments: One of my most favorites, she lives, loves, and tells the tales.
alicewonders profile - diary
comments: she is a shopper of my own heart (old navy and target junkie. what's not to love?!)
jane-does profile - diary
comments: see jane pour out her heart, love her daughter and carry on with her life
tattoobelly profile - diary
comments: terribly witty and a kick in the pants
marywa profile - diary
comments: should have added her long ago, she is a mentor of sorts, telling me like it is in the world of parenting and such
tearstream profile - diary
comments: she's so strong. stronger than I think I could ever be. she's come a long way.
lukeysmama profile - diary
comments: Lucas is just days younger than Madeline and April is such a wonderful mom
nmnohr profile - diary
comments: Connected in ways beyond hilarity -- including clueless husbands, and fine, straight, brown hair. And really, she's just too fun. SO glad I found her.
alicesbaby profile - diary
comments: Her enthusiasm, wonder and committment to all things baby and beyond is wonderful.
trinity63 profile - diary
comments: a very straight-forward approach to the goings-on in life. i like that. a lot.
mr-knowitall profile - diary
comments: and so he's back, under a new name, and i'm glad
catsnapples profile - diary
comments: rounding up her little squirrels and readying them for the future
erlenweg6 profile - diary
comments: my heart goes out to her
mommies profile - diary
comments: duh, I'm a mommy
pregornot profile - diary
comments: there have been more than bumps in the road for her (more like mountains, barbed wire, electric fences, etc) but she has persevered and is about to welcome a little girl into the world
bettyalready profile - diary
comments: she has cute kids, cracks me up, and only wears pants because they're mandatory
pashiesplace profile - diary
comments: so absolutely fabulous. so dear, kind and thoughtful even when she has so much more going on than I do
irisheyes70 profile - diary
comments: out in AK, she's leant an ear (or offered her support) many times and I'm thankful for that
flyinby profile - diary
comments: I find her, she moves, and now she's back.
jamsjunction profile - diary
comments: learning more about her every day and loving what I find!
widower profile - diary
comments: married to Marathon Girl and running along the path of life
groupie94 profile - diary
comments: gorgeous kids, fun read
harakiri profile - diary
comments: raising a little monkey boy
maiarayne profile - diary
comments: intriguing from the beginning... also on the way with #2
jadedlife profile - diary
comments: she's back in the saddle again
cleanstart profile - diary
familywoman profile - diary
comments: Back in black. Except it's not black. But she's back.
drewbears profile - diary
comments: New find, too fun and has the cutest kids!
hopeanew profile - diary
comments: I pray she finds the hope she's looking for
just-a-nut profile - diary
comments: I don't think she's so nutty... quite intuitive though.
gypsy-poet profile - diary
comments: She's back.

My favorite music:

Tori Amos
Sarah McLachlan
Natalie Merchant

My favorite movies:

What Dreams May Come
comments: I have never cried at a movie the way I cried at this one.
A Christmas Story
comments: Good year-round. A classic.

My favorite authors:

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