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The only thing contstant here is change.

The more changes I go through, the stronger of a person I realize I am.

Currently going through a divorce to end an emotionally abusive relationship.

Found a man that made me realize how badly I cheated myself, and how much happier of a person I can be.

This is my story, both past and present.

My favorite diaries:

Astralounge    profile - diary
comments:  Fantastic website designer,she did my first template for me. A great writer and a Psych grad student. I wanna be that!
takhomasak    profile - diary
comments:  I miss her regular updates
savecraig    profile - diary
comments:  For the short attention span.
thecrankyone    profile - diary
comments:  Xena's new foster Mommy, Mommy of Warren, and a great friend.
Jenne1017    profile - diary
comments:  Makes me miss living in Washington DC.
matilda-    profile - diary
comments:  I miss Kendall.
vanillakitty    profile - diary
comments:  My heart-sister.
Calthea    profile - diary
comments:  Hometown girl. :)
Janie12975    profile - diary
comments:  She should be on Trading Spaces! Always an inspiration.
KungFuKitten    profile - diary
comments:  She's a very interesting read!
TranceJen    profile - diary
comments:  Someone to have coffee with on a Saturday morning.
CosmiCrayola    profile - diary
comments:  Total inspiration.
crackdmirror    profile - diary
comments:  Hillary. Don't know why I haven't added her before. :)
dbfeb    profile - diary
comments:  also in the airline industry. :)
Kitchenwitch    profile - diary
taken-by-you    profile - diary
comments:  A soldier. A writer. Profound.
kitchenlogic    profile - diary
comments:  I've been reading her for a long time, always a great read from a fellow MN woman.
fallen9angel    profile - diary
comments:  Another recommendation from my girl Jelleh
Coffeegrind    profile - diary
comments:  Kitchenlogic revisited!
Nakedbarista    profile - diary
comments:  Found you!
Cingi    profile - diary
comments:  Found by KFK
SimplyMandy    profile - diary
comments:  Archives, and now back on Diaryland!!!
Marlen816    profile - diary
comments:  Sister of Janie
Tara10573    profile - diary
comments:  Sister of Janie
Nacwolin    profile - diary
comments:  Sister of Janie
smedindy    profile - diary
comments:  I can't believe our paths haven't crossed before!!!
mahvalicious    profile - diary
comments:  My MOM!
alwaysange    profile - diary
comments:  I have been reading here forever, but for some reason never added. Duh.
bluemeany    profile - diary
comments:  Found her via someone that had an ad on diaryland. Cool.
askbarista    profile - diary
comments:  Nikki again
acaldwell    profile - diary
comments:  Mom's recommendation
shear-madnez    profile - diary
comments:  Per Mom's recommendation as well!
retro-cat    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Nelly/St. Lunatics
comments:  Midwest Swing, what else do you need around here?
Wyclef Jean
comments:  Love his "The Ecleftic" album, very realistic
Soul Coughing
comments:  I found them in college and own all of their albums. Just love 'em.

My favorite movies:

American Pie
comments:  Reminds me of my college days...and it was fun watching my husband almost wet his pants laughing so hard!
Stand By Me
comments:  I wish that I had friends like that when I was younger
Breakfast at Tiffany's
comments:  Audrey Hepburn is the definition of class

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments:  I think I have even worn out a few copies of some of his books
Amy Tan
comments:  The Joy Luck Club reminds me of my relationship with my Mom
Wally Lamb
comments:  A guy that writes from the perspective of a woman, and does a beautiful job of it
Eric Jerome Dickey
comments:  Great stories of urban/sub-urban life

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