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All hail me!

Or don't.

Hail hurts anyway.



My favorite diaries:

andrew    profile - diary
comments:  God: You love us, and we love you. You are indeed a kind and wonderful ruler over diaries and lands. I salute you.
betchy    profile - diary
comments:  Betchy: You know, your diary touches me in my special place: my heart. Less than three.
bigpimpinmba    profile - diary
comments:  BigPimpinMBA: Toni Braxton once said, "Unbreak my [internet] heart; say you love me again." What she omitted was the "OMGZ SOXOR" part.
blindthief    profile - diary
comments:  Pants: I know where you sleep.
duckreviews    profile - diary
comments:  Review Site: I love you, Duckies. Too bad I had to shoot you in the head.
faerine    profile - diary
comments:  Kate: Let us not stalk each other in shadows and dankness. Let us stalk each other in an embrace. Or something...Yeah, that was a bit inappropriate. I'm sorry. (But we should.)
flufflebunny    profile - diary
comments:  Enola: I had first come across you from Adam's favorites; he died, though. However, he was right. Positive adjectives out the wazzoo.
galaxy    profile - diary
comments:  El Galax o: You remind me of beautiful things, and not just because you are gorgeous. It is because you are awesome in many--if not all--ways.
gumphood    profile - diary
comments:  Sir: Technically, you are the "man." No, not because you rock, but because you work for the government...Right. You rock anyway.
hopes-light    profile - diary
comments:  Josh: I think a more heart felt comment would suit you more. I don't know exactly what I would say in it, but I am sure it would involve thank you. (Thank you.)
hottgurlz69    profile - diary
comments:  Hot[t] Girls: ...What have we done, Pookie?
ignorecommas    profile - diary
comments:  Best Site Ever: Pookie and I are geniuses.
itineration    profile - diary
comments:  Adam: Dude.
meine-kleine    profile - diary
comments:  Pookis: How does one comment upon CLONESQUISHLURVE? I mean, for serious.
mom-on-roof    profile - diary
comments:  Mothra: I don't know how many times I can say "I internet heart you" uniquely. My new mission: I need to find a synonym for "internet heart." (Tehe. Tehehe.)
the-moo    profile - diary
comments:  Mooples: I shall follow your awesomeness everywhere. I'll even bring my cats with me.
mousemilk    profile - diary
comments:  MouseMilk: Astronauts die, and they can't even breathe out in space.
no-map    profile - diary
comments:  Moo: EVERYWHERE!
saru-san    profile - diary
comments:  Saru-San: If I said you were a barrel full of monkeys, one of us would have to stab me in the face dead. I shan't say that, though I am tempted--and crazy. Monkeys.
selfbiased    profile - diary
comments:  Sir: I suppose it has reached that point where I should stop stalking and start linking.
sheisdancing    profile - diary
comments:  Serapay: Would you mind if I called you Smoogle? Because then you could be the Smoogle lord. The Lord of the Smoogles. Smoogle teh Hot Pants. Catchy, huh?
snowconecoma    profile - diary
comments:  Shelley: I have thought of a slogan. Try this one out for size: "If we can't beat it, spank it." I think it still needs a little work, but the erotica is RIGHT THERE. You can almost taste it!
spdesigns    profile - diary
comments:  Sad Panda Designs: You are my brain child. I love you. I will complete you soon.
switchcraft    profile - diary
comments:  Paul: You are a lovable and hilarious marine. No such creature should ever exist--or it should but closer to my proximity. In any case, let that banner wave! (See what I did there? I combined the way I found you with nationalism. I'm GENIUS.)
yakkety-yak    profile - diary
comments:  Yakkety-Yak: I don't suppose you wouldn't talk back, hmm? (Worst. Comment. Ever.)
yellow-ninja    profile - diary
comments:  Kung-fu Master: Let's pull out some incredibly cliche Confucian sayings and sound all wise and stuff. Then we could eat our students like Godzilla, thereby confusing cultures, peoples, and ourselves! It would be awesome!

My favorite music:

Blonde Redhead
comments:  Pink love, pink love
The Cardigans
comments:  Take a bath with bubbles
Electric Six
comments:  But you can't ignore my techno
Nine Inch Nails
comments:  I can still feel you, even so far away
comments:  I can't say what I want to, even if I'm not serious

My favorite movies:

The Nightmare Before Christmas
comments:  When you start to pretend to be a ragdoll named Sally and profess your undying love (in song) to a tree because it *looks* like Jack Skeleton you know you have seen this one too many times--or not nearly enough.
comments:  You want puppets? You want action? You want David Bowies's crotch tighly wrapped in Spandex? Okay, maybe you don't want the last one, but it's there...in Spandex, bold and, um...Beautiful?
The Evil Dead movies
comments:  The first one tries so hard to be frightening. It really does. Then the second one is like the directors acknowledge the fact that the first one sucked. And the last one just gives up entirely. It's like, "No! I'm not horror. Flop."
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
comments:  Mock me if you will! For you will meet your end soon! ...On the day of reckoning...Much like in the game of Life.

My favorite authors:

Tim Burton
comments:  Oh, the quiet depression sinks in only after the laughter fades.
Edgar Allan Poe
comments:  ...What?
Terry Pratchett
comments:  His books are hilarious. The Discworld stories are the best British works EVER! They make me laugh; they make me cry; and they make me want to strip down to my knickers and prance around singing the Bells of St. Mary.
comments:  Struck by lightning indeed.

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