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kelly is so sexy

This is my diary. It is a complete secret, so naturally, everyone knows about it. I have been journaling here for over eight years now. Scary.

My favorite diaries:

suave    profile - diary
comments:  old skool d*lander
snowy    profile - diary
comments:  friend and hero.
frank    profile - diary
comments:  old skool d*lander, i still call her "the kid"
bento    profile - diary
comments:  i live for bento sightings.
evangeline    profile - diary
comments:  hero of music and motion.
argentum    profile - diary
comments:  friend and hero.
sushipig    profile - diary
comments:  and the sushipiglet too!
sabbydarling    profile - diary
comments:  kindred spirit. one of my best friends.
tenderpoison    profile - diary
comments:  old skool d*lander. it's kat!
hibiscus101    profile - diary
comments:  old skool d*lander! it's nice to see the familiar faces still here. there are so few!
miedema2002    profile - diary
comments:  a new d*land friend:)

My favorite music:

Backstreet Boys
comments:  sex on ten legs.
comments:  fanfuckingtastic!
Tegan and Sara
comments:  i want a girlfriend who plays the guitar
comments:  i just wanna put him in my pocket and take him home.
Willa Ford
comments:  i wanna be her.

My favorite movies:

Auntie Mame
comments:  The 1958 version kicks ass, can't wait to see the 2004 remake staring Cher.
Drop Dead Fred
Tank Girl
The Secret Garden

My favorite authors:

Anne McCaffrey
comments:  there's not a book that's she's written that i haven't fallen in love with
Anne Rice
comments:  'tell me how bad i am, it makes me feel so good.'
Patricia Cornwell
comments:  Kay Scarpetta is so real..it's hard to beleeve she's just a character in a book.
Thomas Harris
comments:  If you don't know who this guy is...find out.
Robert Jordan
comments:  Second only to Anne McCaffery in my list of favorites but they both write in different genres.

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