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My favorite diaries:

elegantfreak    profile - diary
comments:  Life goes on, for some.
squirrelx    profile - diary
comments:  Absolutely lovely lady that has the most extraordinary life going on… you’ll regret it if you don’t read.
hangover    profile - diary
comments:  My friend wasn't kidding... funnier then shit.
lukeduke    profile - diary
comments:  Luke just makes you want something... once I put my finger on it... I'll change this.
roadiepig    profile - diary
comments:  No question about it 'he' is cool and shall be here till... well The End.
darkndeviant    profile - diary
comments:  Yeah squirrelx showed me the way... but I'm the one who is staying!
syncope    profile - diary
comments:  Previously halfsorry... nice to read.
miss-edith    profile - diary
comments:  No day shall go by... ok sometimes I miss but you shouldn't!
rant-n-roar    profile - diary
comments:  Slow but nice cruise.
girls-suck    profile - diary
comments:  Hey what can I say the Exploding Dog pic was love at first sight.
obfuscator    profile - diary
comments:  New to me here but yet not new to me elsewhere.
nofat-chicks    profile - diary
comments:  Types well. Has much to say. Worth listening to.
pandionna    profile - diary
comments:  Syncope has excellent taste... she made a linkie and I followed.
circusfreak    profile - diary
comments:  Don't ask questions... just go read! THAT MEANS, GO NOW!
quoted    profile - diary
comments:  Make it here and you just might become famous. Ok you won't but at least you got "quoted"
idiot-milk    profile - diary
comments:  Tells it like it is.
unclebob    profile - diary
comments:  I'll trade in all my real Uncle Bob's for this one
srch4balance    profile - diary
comments:  Cute blonde gal who sure gets around... don't take that badly... she seems to be enjoying.
mr-knowitall    profile - diary
comments:  Via Squirrelx - her thoughts are fitting.
always-crazy    profile - diary
comments:  Straight off the cuff... just what I need at times.
goldenyears    profile - diary
comments:  Another hot blonde who has a shoe fetish... really cool shoe fetish!!!
ravynespeaks    profile - diary
comments:  I was added. I read. I choose.
ravynemyst    profile - diary
comments:  Read, you'll learn something.
satchmo3    profile - diary
comments:  Had me laughing from the first click.
onethought    profile - diary
comments:  To the point - just the way it should be.
hot-crumpets    profile - diary
comments:  I'd be more up to date if I'd only read that last post... now I have and here I am, happy again.
humanidiot    profile - diary
comments:  Mmmmm colorful.
rumblelizard    profile - diary
comments:  For some unknown reason I've never put you here. All better now.
owcowkee    profile - diary
comments:  Just plain and simple a good read.
soapboxdiner    profile - diary
comments:  I clickty-clicked on the banner and found that it was good.
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  Where the hell have I been? He has a diary and it took me find out from another to know.
weetabix    profile - diary
comments:  Plain and simple, I like.
haiku-queen    profile - diary
comments:  Just getting to know her but she is oh so lovely so far. (locked diary)
coltpixy    profile - diary
comments:  She is in with the 'in' crowd.
chelonia    profile - diary
comments:  Just for special people, which thank god includes me. (locked diary)
metame    profile - diary
comments:  Only a few entries in and I'm already hooked... can't wait for more!
kristintracy    profile - diary
comments:  Here, there and little of everywhere.
loudwoman    profile - diary
comments:  Takes only a minute to read but it's one damn good minute.
outfoxed    profile - diary
comments:  new - via roadiepig
calidris    profile - diary
comments:  The edible side of Pandi.
diaryquotes    profile - diary
comments:  Cream of the crop.
invaderniz    profile - diary
comments:  multiples
mornglory    profile - diary
comments:  new
edgarfrog    profile - diary
comments:  googler
iluvtunes    profile - diary
comments:  new
sillybitch    profile - diary
comments:  new
iooi    profile - diary
comments:  Whale of a tale.
clayrhino    profile - diary
comments:  new
smartypants    profile - diary
comments:  new
theyknew    profile - diary
comments:  new
wordsofmine    profile - diary
comments:  new
happyredhead    profile - diary
comments:  new
miss-madelyn    profile - diary
comments:  new
kungfukitten    profile - diary
comments:  new
ladybug-red    profile - diary
comments:  new
porktornado    profile - diary
comments:  new

My favorite music:

comments:  The Ataris, Brassy, Suicide Machines, Foo Fighters, Buck-O-Nine, Flogging Molly, Garbage, Mazzy Star, Tool...
comments:  Authority Zero, Save Ferris, Ben Folds Five, The Cat Empire, Machine Gun Fellatio, Weezer, Modest Mouse...
comments:  Sissel Kyrkjebø, Natalie Merchant, Tori Amos, Beth Orton, Pink, Anne Demming, Nelly Furtado, Joss Stone, Lisa Marie Presley, Melinda Schneider, Dar Williams, Paula Cole, Bonnie Raitt, Eva Cassidy, Sara Vaughn, Etta Jones...
comments:  Five for Fighting, Wilco, Maroon 5, The Traveling Wilburys, Carmaig de Forest, Powderfinger, Jet, Dave Mathews Band, Silverchair, The Pogues, Eagles, Crowded House...
on his own
comments:  Johnny Cash

My favorite movies:

The Boondock Saints
comments:  Tell us the truth ma... (watch the deleted scenes to get this one)
Tank Girl
comments:  Snip, snip.
Top Gun
comments:  Don't ask a dumb question like "why this movie?"
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
comments:  If you've seen it then you know why.
Mystery Alaska
comments:  All the wonderful things you can do in the cold... mmmm

My favorite authors:

Robert A. Heinlein
comments:  Do you grok?
J.R.R. Tolkein
comments:  Screw the movies... you should pick up the damn books.
Edgar Allen Poe
comments:  Annabel Lee
Michael Ende
comments:  Fantasia lives.
Jessie Bartlett
comments:  Good luck in finding stuff... but well worth the read.

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