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Faith can keep you warm, but I'll teach you how to shake.

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Flip Flops-Pumas-High Heels-Docs-Birkenstocks-GAP-H&M-Jaywalk Queen-Subway Slut-Duchess of Bees-New York-Carnegie Hall-Chicago-Detroit-London-Berlin-Germanophile-Hamburg-Amsterdam-British Men-Colin Firth-Beer Snob-Beck's-Labatt-Lush-Cheap Wine-Singapore Sling-SevenSeven-Long Beach Iced Tea-Whiskey-Cosmopolitian-Straight Vodka, preferrably Ketel One-Tea-Java-Lipgloss Queen

Runs with scissors, thows herself into the paths of unsuitable men and ignores her mother's well-meant advice.


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My favorite music:

comments:  Music for the intelligent. The eccentric intelligent. Did you ever let a cowboy sit on your lap?
Frank Sinatra
comments:  This French champagne, so good for the brain.
comments:  Then I fell asleep, and the city kept blinkin'...
Ryan Adams
comments:  "I am in the twilight of my youth, not that I'm going to remember...'
The Beatles
comments:  Brilliant

My favorite movies:

Bridget Jones's Diary
Run Lola Run
Austin Powers: Int'l Man of Mystery
Office Space

My favorite authors:

David Sedaris
Oscar Wilde
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Charles Bukowski
Milan Kundera

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