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Spring is here....

I am here for a reason. And the reason of living is to fulfil my dreams. I have been to some places that you have never seen before. Do you belive?

I believe in living life without rules cos' life is short. Ain't let anyone look me down. Ain't let anyone tell me how to live my life. I do it my way. My life, my hopes, my regrets, my history. Doesn't sound interesting? Read on and you will know what I'm trying to say.



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My favorite music:

comments:  Matchbox 20, Green Day, Vertical Horizon, Linkin Park, Cranberries, Incubus,
comments:  RHCP, Evanescence, Bon Jovi, Ramus, Korn
comments:  Ayumi Hamasaki, Glay, Every Little Thing, Mika Nakashima
New Age
comments:  Enigma, Ikarus, Karunesh
Trance & Dance
comments:  ATB, Ayla, Groove Coverage

My favorite movies:

Ice Age
comments:  That's a good one!
comments:  Both Part I and II.
White Chicks
comments:  You should watch this!
Dead Poet Society
comments:  You ain't know life if you can't appreciate this movie.
comments:  A Japanese manga convert to movie. Damn, the story plot is so moving & realistic.

My favorite authors:

comments:  Bible
Lance Armstrong
comments:  It's not about the bike, it's the journey back to life
Jeannette Walls
comments:  The Glass Castle. A biography of a lady who grew up from an ecentric family which I can really relate to. One of the best book written,
Lance Armstrong
comments:  Every Second Counts. The continual life of the world famous tour-de-france winner.

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