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knowles vs. the stupid people

enjoy me falling down.

My favorite diaries:

jannut    profile - diary
comments:  too complicated for me?
icontrolyou    profile - diary
comments:  growing.
sarahbeee    profile - diary
comments:  nifty
quintessenc3    profile - diary
comments:  kill whitey.
atchertha    profile - diary
comments:  we don't love them hoes.
diosadebaile    profile - diary
comments:  canadian!

My favorite music:

comments:  whatever you do take care of your shoes...
comments:  she can wade in a drop of dew...
comments:  but first take care of head...
comments:  NO, ALL!
comments:  "this isn't even music, it's just... just... melodic noise, i think..." - "yeah, but it farking rules!"

My favorite movies:

Star Wars saga
comments:  duh...
The Matrix
comments:  [insert snide comment about red pills vs. blue pills here]
Fight Club
comments:  dude, i kicked my own ass?? -or- nine out of ten times it's an electric razor...
Half Baked
comments:  "Sampson, it's Gina, momma fell" - "Shut up bitch!"
Requiem for a Dream
comments:  most fucked up movie... EVER. +until something better comes along+

My favorite authors:

Douglas Adams
comments:  42

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