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Rhiannon's Reflections

This is my place.... that should say it all :-)

My favorite diaries:

genvieve    profile - diary
Thjora    profile - diary
comments:  Another of the abundantly helpful and supportive people in the SCA
DameNora    profile - diary
comments:  Dame Alianora Munro
daughtcalm    profile - diary
comments:  Someone I know.
roland    profile - diary
comments:  hubby and love of Theodora
Thornbury    profile - diary
elsworthy    profile - diary
comments:  The Angel of Death has never looked so good or written such humorous diary entries.
Theodora    profile - diary
comments:  A very well-put together and wonderfully funny and helpful person

My favorite music:

comments:  Yeah, I like country.. so shoot me with a rubber arrow whydoncha?
comments:  Very calming, celtic-style,
Colin Ray
comments:  Country
Martina McBride
comments:  Lots of good ballad-type songs... She's an activist through her songs...Concrete Angel is my favorite
Reba McIntyre
comments:  Red haired, funny and my God, what a voice! "The Greatest Man I Never Knew" could have been about my father and me.

My favorite movies:

comments:  My all-time favorite movie. Set in the middle ages, it's just such a cool story!
comments:  The first scary movie I ever loved... it had scary parts and SOME humor, but it wasn't overdone
Harry Potter
comments:  I loved the books. The Sorcerer's Stone was pretty good, I can't wait for the second one!
comments:  The goriest, most nauseating movie I've ever seen. Definitely a never see again (or at least don't eat first, the first scene sets the icky tone)
comments:  The love story was a stupid, but the rest of the movie brought the "reality" of what happened home. It wasn't just a story. It happened.

My favorite authors:

J.K. Rowling
comments:  Just plain ROCKS!
Diana Gabaldon
comments:  Very good, reasonably historically accurate (to some degree) 4 part series
Stephen King
comments:  The Stand was boring, and he should just stick to books, but otherwise, a good author over-all

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