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This blog/not blog is locked for the time being (as of 8/23/07). Email me, leave me a note or sign the guestbook for access.

Description up at Globe of Blogs: Tangents re the personal, the political, public-interest law, pop culture, The Police, penguins, etc. Queer, fat, feminist; from South Carolina originally, loves Chicago; on happy pills and in therapy but trying to get off the pills; nearsighted; penchant for alliteration, anagrams, palindromes, puns, and run-on sentences; and when I grow up, I want to be an activist with formal legal training. [I still love Chicago, I just don't live there anymore.]

Keywords: anxiety, bar, book, Boston, blow, bra, broke, Cartman, case, Chicago, chocolate, Christmas, church, clinic, commie-pinko, computer, co-op, cows, credit, crush, debt, decision, depression, disability, discriminatory, disorder, education, exam, gender, head, heartburn, hippie, family, fat, fizz, food, group, hair, hurt, issues, job, laundry, legal services, library, loans, loud, Massachusetts, milk, nap, obsessive-compulsive, ovaries, pasta, phone, pill-crazed, policy, poverty, procrastinate, queer, recycling, school, sleep, sneeze, snow, South Carolina, SpongeBob, statutory, StrongBad, swim, tears, therapy, thingy (or -ie), trash, tremble, uvula, woman, yell.



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My favorite music:

comments:  Before Michael started singing "I love you," anyway.
Tori Amos
comments:  Although I once owned a wonderful, clunky Swedish auto and adored it, I would like to think that if I were to write songs, I would leave my Swedish auto the hell out of it, lest people think I was a jerk.
The Beatles
Paul Simon
The Police
comments:  Copeland/Summers/Sumner debut: August 18, 1977. Date of my birth: August 20, 1977.

My favorite movies:

O Brother Where Art Thou?
The Graduate
The Producers
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

My favorite authors:

Sarah Waters
Augusten Burroughs
David Sedaris
GB Trudeau
Dorothy Allison

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