Life Like Weeds

you taste like a burger.

i don't even like you anymore

My favorite diaries:

isawabeaver profile - diary
comments: you have to wonder when you realize you know all the names of the ladies at the gas station.
shutupmom profile - diary
kimyadawson profile - diary
comments: i have a haircut and a big bag full of hair
apothecary profile - diary
comments: Bladder void.
weeme profile - diary
comments: We threw sticks with passion
peth profile - diary
comments: oh, butt shorts.
fellbehind profile - diary
comments: Instead of trying to be a better son, I think I'll just add a few bucks to her gift certificate and call it even.
cat-heaven profile - diary
comments: He is the only "rock star" that I can't speak to.
absolutlau profile - diary
comments: and by a little something special i mean a taxidermied badger glued to a rock.
relient-a profile - diary
comments: tortured teen
z0tl profile - diary
comments: but know you've been making my head square with your stomping.
sirawesome profile - diary
comments: What up, boner?
the-ordinary profile - diary
comments: Sometimes my patheticness is just crushing.
crapstein profile - diary
comments: My mom gave me this really weird Vagina shirt.
gayboyspurse profile - diary
comments: a donkey punch is no accident.
talktalktalk profile - diary
comments: we miss you matt
tastic profile - diary
comments: So in the next year, I've either got to become some sort of drug addict, or a fucking ZEN MASTER.
queen-hearts profile - diary
comments: my partner in crime, the huggy to my bear, to bad motha to my shaft, zee bonnie to my clyde
popeholden2 profile - diary
comments: tigermilked
brothasistas profile - diary
comments: I'm so unoriginal. i just want to be appreciated.
ingerrr profile - diary
comments: I bet she fucks like a thief
nerdgroupie profile - diary
comments: how did i lose you there

My favorite music:

Mates of State
Cat Power
Dinosaur Jr
Jonathan Richman
The Shins

My favorite movies:

Wet Hot American Summer
comments: the super coop scene
Run Ronnie Run
comments: the thoughtful vagina scene
National Lampoon's European Vacation
comments: the french cabaret scene
comments: the jive turkey scene
Haiku Tunnel
comments: the post-its in bed scene

My favorite authors:

Wally Lamb
Douglas Coupland
JD Salinger
Sarah Vowel
David Sedaris

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