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Life... Love... Dreams... Desires... Security... Happiness.

Locked the door for a while - email me for the password... (I will probably give it to you!!) Whyzpurs@aol.com

My favorite diaries:

theyknew    profile - diary
comments:  The policital side of things.
moonwhispers    profile - diary
comments:  My more spiritual side.
achems-razor    profile - diary
drewbears    profile - diary
comments:  Our little boys are only weeks apart in age.
its-a-newday    profile - diary
comments:  My longest, and dearest friend.
hot-lunch    profile - diary
comments:  The man that has vowed to give my longest and dearest friend everything she so deeply deserves.
oxygen8me    profile - diary
comments:  A great friend.
realsnoopy    profile - diary
d1mndn3r0ugh    profile - diary
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comments:  Started reading, and couldn't stop.
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My favorite music:

Top 40
comments:  I like lots of the top 40 "stuff" out there today.
comments:  Sarah Mclaughlin, Eminem, Rob Thomas, NIN, Sting
comments:  And the list goes on and on

My favorite movies:

comments:  Anything Sci-Fi & scarey... I LOVE.
comments:  Great kick-ass "girl" movie.
What About Bob
comments:  It should be mandatory to HAVE to see this.

My favorite authors:

Phyllis Curott
comments:  Book of Shadows
comments:  Everything she has written
Judika Illes
Manly P. Hall
T. Thorn Coyle

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