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Lux Olive

After living in New England for my entire life, I just up and moved to the desert. Not the deSSert. (SS = Strawberry Shortcake. Or Nazi Officers. OR BOTH.) I have 4 cats: One that looks like a basketball with a really small head, one that looks like a cow, and two that are stripey and hate each other with the fire of a couple of suns. I would like long walks on the beach, but there are no beaches here. There are, however, margaritas. And libraries. So I am all set.



My favorite diaries:

amblus    profile - diary
comments:  Amblus #1 for real.
smartypants    profile - diary
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comments:  I'm not gonna lie. I want you for mine.
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comments:  Reads Heat! Oh, my sister. Oh, to be understood.
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My favorite music:

Teenage Fanclub
comments:  I am so securely stuck in 1993.
The Olsen Twins
comments:  If they are not a band yet, they should be.

My favorite movies:

Waiting for Guffman
comments:  The Stool Capital of the World!
Red Dawn
comments:  "What's the capital of Texas?" "Austin." "No, it's Houston, you Commie!"
Lost in Translation

My favorite authors:

British Chick Schlock
comments:  So embarassing to read on the train, and yet I can't help myself. Snog THIS!
Bill Bryson
Nick Hornby
J.K. Rowling

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