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My favorite diaries:

dullstar    profile - diary
comments:  morgan... her name starts with an "M" and ends in an "organ"
adinas-cryin    profile - diary
comments:  cynthia... she livesin maine and she is happy and i love her.
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  andrew... you better love him. he created this damn place.
endersstart    profile - diary
comments:  steven... made out with my best friend when i liked him.
hecubus-y    profile - diary
comments:  rebekah... lives in chicago! yay!
chezfrancois    profile - diary
comments:  francois... lives in france... new york.
perceptions    profile - diary
comments:  bobby... is one popular little bitch. everyone loves him.
bemidjiyay    profile - diary
comments:  rebekah... again. this time, she is 26 is going to college.
ohnevermind    profile - diary
comments:  jennie... made out with steven when i liked him.
luvinlife    profile - diary
comments:  leanna... belongs in humboldt county (no, not pot... redwoods)
rubix-core    profile - diary
comments:  megyn... and i used to hang out a LOT (whenever i could get down there)
ohokaywhat    profile - diary
comments:  ryan... never updates
youcandance    profile - diary
comments:  laura... we sing along together with the mr. t experience.
realjesus    profile - diary
comments:  jesus... he's a cool guy, just like you and me... only, he is the son of god.
dubyah    profile - diary
comments:  george... down to earth george w. bush. he is our president. hurray!

My favorite music:

comments:  quickly becoming my favorite
comments:  dude, whats up with that? pavement is great!
comments:  theyre from california, you know
comments:  what's going on? why do i like brit-pop? i have no clue.
starlight mints
comments:  i seem to be liking this very much

My favorite movies:

comments:  this is one of the few movies i can watch and not suggest better casting
the royal tenenbaums
comments:  i knew it would make this list after the first time i saw it
american beauty
comments:  excellent narrative
mr. show
comments:  its not a movie, but i love bob odenkirk and david cross very very much
say anything
comments:  i hate this movie. it makes me really relaly glad i have no one who loves me like that. what a hassle

My favorite authors:

douglas adams
comments:  hitchhikers guide to the galaxy trilogy. love him sooooo much
georgia savage
comments:  the house tibet
stephen chbosky
comments:  perks of being a wallflower

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