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Mmrphh...Occupation: Cocksucker.

Welcome to the Vitamin B Glandular Show.



My favorite diaries:

tigerbody    profile - diary
comments:  knock, knock. You can't come in!
rebecca    profile - diary
comments:  The entrance is gaurded by password dragons!
pierrecoghil    profile - diary
comments:  ape style.
theinane    profile - diary
comments:  he'll show you his sand trout. (ceased publication)
luvmuffin    profile - diary
comments:  the cat will have it's day. (ceased publication)
peckules    profile - diary
comments:  His someday has come.
koalapad    profile - diary
comments:  a science yet to be named. (ceased publication)
Andrew    profile - diary
comments:  the pride of canada.
boy-ashamed    profile - diary
comments:  forlorn and fore skinned.
peth    profile - diary
comments:  don't get her started on the couch...
dubyah    profile - diary
comments:  we are so fucked
jessejackson    profile - diary
comments:  A swinging invertibrate. (ceased publication)
j31337157    profile - diary
comments:  347 j4(<50n d1(<''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
gay    profile - diary
comments:  your cotton briefs were meant to be soiled.
sturge    profile - diary
comments:  " Nothing like ringing in the new year with a little game of Pants/No Pants."
discotheque    profile - diary
comments:  If you're a hot Italian lady who loves math equations and hanging out with your mom please pop this guy's cherry. Please (ceased publication)
literatura    profile - diary
comments:  Wizards and Anuses.
kingdomcum    profile - diary
comments:  The Magic in the Magic Kingdom.
pussy    profile - diary
comments:  Some people are touched by genius. Some people are kicked in the shins. (ceased publication)
chezfrancois    profile - diary
comments:  there is something funny about the french. (ceased publication)
fain    profile - diary
comments:  The great fiery furnace.
myideas    profile - diary
comments:  Someday a faceless megalithic corporation with ties to human rights abuses and transdimensional evil will be paying Rebecca to come up with these ideas. So you'd better check it out now while it's free and pure.
kinaesthesia    profile - diary
comments:  She saved my life, once or twice, Nam wasn't pretty but I would never have met katie, were it not for, that ugly war.

My favorite music:

comments:  (Thumo Thump), The Mutha f"kin ah Fall (ah), Dub Music (reverb, reverb, reverb),
Throbbing Gristle
comments:  hot on the heals of love..., Tiny Tim ( may jesus clutch you to his bossom while you croon your sweet songs), Song:Ohia, Will Oldham, PULP, Yoshimi and Yuka
comments:  The crop circle, viewed from the air, read: I like boys.,Stephin Merritt, Artie Smudges Trio, Dat Politics, The Microphones, Jeans Team, Long Live Death,
Chilly Gonzales
comments:  Hairy bastard jew!, The Doves, Wire, Nurse With Wound, D. Barnahart, Little Wings, Thighspaulsandra (he's got change for a twenty all over his face..)
The Fall
comments:  The Fall, The Fall The Fall...,

My favorite movies:

Barkie Dogville Comedies
comments:  You thought it would be funny to put pants on your pup and make a movie. Ha Ha Ha, the jokes on you!, Brother (Brat)
Babe pig in the city
comments:  Brother (Brat), Stolen Kisses, Touch of Evil (Cause Chuck Heston is such a convincing Mexican hahhaha), Exotica
Kenneth Anger
comments:  Cotton candy colours eaten off the ass of a boy in chaps. Le Samurai, Ghost Dogg, 24 Hour Photo
comments:  Wild fucking Zero( Love knows no boundries, nationality or gender do it! Rock an rollllllll!) ,Wings of Desire, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Tottoro, Princess Mononoke (straight up on Miyazake's jock!), Twenty Four Hour Party People
Down by Law
comments:  Out of the Past (why i want to fuck Robert Mitchum's corpsy skull), The Killing, Fuck i see too many movies...

My favorite authors:

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