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Titilating Tudor Tales

I be Mary Boleyn, elder and more refined sister of Anne and Georges Boleyn, daughter of Sir Thomas Boleyn and Elizabeth Howard, Lady Boleyn, and niece of his Excellency, the honorable Sir Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk.

It doth sadden me to report that my dearest sister will nay be joining me on the annual progress this autumn as she hath brought scandal to our family and hath been banished for one year to our family seat at Hever Castle in Kent. Mayhaps when she hath learned that there be no place for independent and forward thinking for a Tudor woman then welcomed back at court she shall be.

It be no secret at court that my younger siblings often take pleasure in teasing me and driving me to distraction with their antics. I hath begun to document their behaviours lest I need to use these happenings to mine advantage one day.



My favorite diaries:

blacknan    profile - diary
comments:  My most dear sister of "impeccable" reputation - Anne Boleyn.
paget    profile - diary
comments:  Sir William Paget to be sure. His Majesty's secretary and a fellow Francophone. www.scottishvampire.com
georgeboleyn    profile - diary
comments:  My dearest and sweet baby brother, although he doth detest my calling him such.
tudor-diva    profile - diary
comments:  Stacy, the woman behind Mary Boleyn. Learn all about her here!

My favorite music:

His Majesty
comments:  His Highness, King Henry VIII be known to compose a lively tune now and again
Anne Boleyn
comments:  My dear sister be following the example of our dear sovereign and composing songs of her own.
Master Mark Smeaton
comments:  He be very much in demand at court these days. A master at the lute and virginals.

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

His Majesty
comments:  His tretise on his defense of the Catholic faith hath won him accolades from the Holy Father in Rome.
Sir Thomas Wyatt
comments:  Our family's personal poet and a national treasure. Me thinks he doth fancy Nan.
Sir Henry Carey
comments:  A man I truly fancy and hath captured my heart with his tomes of amour.
Sir Thomas More
comments:  A most pious of esquires and author of a silly satire entitled "Utopia" that be all the rage in England.

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