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Welcome to My World

So you know the cast of characters:

Fat Girl - that's me

DC - my husband

The Boy - my now ex-boyfriend (but still in my life)

Nigel - my current boyfriend who lives with us

The Queen - my mother

Weaz and Carrie - one of my fave cousins and his wife

LadyA and Michael - Weaz's sister and her husband

Tattoo - my brother

16Candles, LadyJ, the Divine Miss M, etc. - all wonderfully fabulous people who are my friends

The Devil's Concubine - my former immediate supervisor, AKA Bride of Satan, Satan's Handmaiden

Girlfriend, BethJane, Gail, Eve, Shell, LuLu, Pollyanna - all the people I used to work with who kept me as sane as they could for as long as they could

The Dysfunctionals - my father and stepmother

The Strawberry - my former hot girl crush

TinyE, TubboCat, and the White Booger - our cats, who definitely enrich our lives and piss us off at the same time

Mal - my former hot man crush; I wouldn't call him a boyfriend

The BirdKid - an occasional play partner

My favorite diaries:

stepfordtart    profile - diary
comments:  I really like her
thinfoil    profile - diary
comments:  Totally disturbs the crap out of me but he writes good stuff

My favorite music:

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

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