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I'm quite a mental image

I hate articles like 'Why petting puppies makes you feel good' and other mindless shit like that.

My favorite diaries:

porktornado    profile - diary
comments:  Holy Shit this guy is funny.
skanksin    profile - diary
comments:  issues with animals and death
sturge    profile - diary
comments:  Brief and to the fucking point
bigpimpinmba    profile - diary
comments:  Diaperball = wife doesn't give him enough chores
kristintracy    profile - diary
comments:  I don't want to be the only one who doesn't have her listed. It's well deserved
thegay    profile - diary
comments:  coolest guy ever for helping me with my web pages even though he doesn't know me. Let's hope they don't suck.
chaostraffic    profile - diary
comments:  Said hello first so therefore he's the coolest
clarity25    profile - diary
comments:  writes better than anyone in a descriptive way
nightmare54    profile - diary
comments:  Sweet Jesus on a bike, he's a hunter. But still a good read.
juddhole    profile - diary
comments:  Kilt funny
rickscafe    profile - diary
comments:  I thought I had added him a long time ago. I was wrong. Fuck off.
braincase    profile - diary
comments:  The only time a banner led me somewhere that wasn't squirrely
yeahimadork    profile - diary
comments:  Bwahahaha
incredipete    profile - diary
comments:  Vocal. Very vocal.
GoingLoopy    profile - diary
UncleBob    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Rage Against the Machine
comments:  Listened to these guys long before any of you had ever heard of them. I take pride in that, even if they did occassionally sell out.
Glenn Miller Band
comments:  What? I can't like two completely opposite types of music?

My favorite movies:

Army of Darkness
comments:  Shop Smart, shop S-Mart
comments:  It's a challenge to try and figure out what some of these guys are saying
Star Wars
comments:  It's beginning to look like I'm a guy, but I swear, I'm a chick. I just hate girl movies.
Pulp Fiction
comments:  Wicked good time
When Harry Met Sally
comments:  There. There's one girl movie for you. But technically, it's Harry that makes me laugh in this movie.

My favorite authors:

James Joyce
comments:  What a nut.
Anne Rice
comments:  As mainstream as I can stand.
Bronte Sisters
comments:  Classic drivel
Kate Chopin
comments:  Master of twists
Neil Gaiman
comments:  Spookiest and most clever guy I've ever read

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