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Paul's Diary

Paul's diary is a place for Paul's thoughts, musings, or just a place for him to ramble on and on about whatever he sees.

My favorite diaries:

eri-berry    profile - diary
comments:  Eri's Diary, the strawberry lady herself :-)
norg    profile - diary
comments:  Norg's diary. One from the BSQ guy :-)
inthemiddle    profile - diary
comments:  Gella's Diary. Yes, my Fruhead friend and occasional juggling partner.
mocksie    profile - diary
comments:  Mocksie. Involved in the infamous Fried Chicken Sandwich incident. I gotta write about that sometime :-)
goovie    profile - diary
comments:  Carey. The Redheaded maryland chick.
longlac    profile - diary
comments:  Draaaay-uh. Nuff said :-)
choucroute    profile - diary
comments:  Nitsa :-) Another of those *left* coasters. (Really *right*, but wants to be a *left* coaster)
jkpolka    profile - diary
comments:  Andrea. Of course :-)
aradia13    profile - diary
comments:  Leanne of Mariposaland
fruslug    profile - diary
comments:  Joy de vivre. Joy of life. My favorite fruhead from New Mexico. (Even if she is going to school in Philly)
jenaia    profile - diary
comments:  Definitley worth a read.
athena98122    profile - diary
comments:  Because she is jaci :-)
veronikaber    profile - diary
comments:  If I were Austrian, and a wonderful woman, I could be Veronika.
renita    profile - diary
comments:  A wonderful person, a wonderful friend, and someone I better see at FRFF
moteq    profile - diary
comments:  mmmmmmmelissa :-)
horvendile    profile - diary
comments:  Gordon, just because he rocks.
elbowweather    profile - diary
comments:  Someone I should have been keeping up with a long time ago
tinyelf    profile - diary
comments:  Small person. Big heart. makes great knicknacks.
chinacat    profile - diary
comments:  Her diary always looks cooler than mine.
glitterfaery    profile - diary
comments:  Queen of the Budgiedome

My favorite music:

Moxy Früvous
comments:  Moxy Früvous has had more influence on my life than just about any other event.
Great Big Sea
comments:  Mmm... Pop with celtic music blended in.
Dar Williams
comments:  Folk singer extrodinare, Dar really touches a chord in my soul.
Sarah Slean
comments:  She can play the piano. She's cute too :-)
Tory Cassis
comments:  Wow what a voice... what smooth jazz.

My favorite movies:

As Good As It Gets
comments:  My personal favorite
Good Will Hunting
comments:  My life story. Okay, well, I'm not _that_ smart.

My favorite authors:

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