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ElLo, YO & SuPeR Yo

Este diario esta escrito EN ESPAÑOL, aunque me disculpan las faltas de tildes.

Hola! vivo en USA, soy de Colombia y me encanta la idea de tener un diario (que es mas como mi autobiografia). No se olviden de escribirme una nota o un comentario.

My favorite diaries:

travelgirl79    profile - diary
comments:  THIS IS MY OTHER DIARY 99% IN ENGLISH, 1% what I think is english (a.k.a spelling errors)
lunatikz    profile - diary
comments:  Divertida, Talentosa, Una lunatik muy querida ^_^
monstertrail    profile - diary
comments:  "La vida para desperdiciarla?, nel, no nosotros. Es un mundo inmenso, somos algodones para absorberlo"
enelmundo    profile - diary
comments:  "Cada cabeza es un mundo que sabe lo que está diciendo ¬¬"
squirrelx    profile - diary
comments:  "Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society."
eternity4    profile - diary
comments:  @>---
flnangel    profile - diary
comments:  intelligent, funny and real
spaingirl    profile - diary
comments:  So full of life!! it makes me happy just to read her diary ^-^
endirecto    profile - diary
my-diario    profile - diary
comments:  good, very good
irmabelle    profile - diary
comments:  nice!
pantypulldwn    profile - diary
comments:  Sexy
adysan    profile - diary
comments:  una mente brillante!!, podriamos ser buenisimas amigas en vivo y en directo
stellarose    profile - diary
comments:  love it!!
rainiemoone    profile - diary
comments:  Artistic kind of life
ragazza007    profile - diary
comments:   Me encanta como escribe!! me identifico con ella, yo tampoco entiendo a mi hermana
andrew    profile - diary
sunnflower    profile - diary
comments:  wonderful!
paulmx    profile - diary
comments:  Ahora desde Europa!...... Por fin te entiendo ^_^
pink-circle    profile - diary
comments:  I'm in here!!
luisa-valado    profile - diary
comments:  nueva en dLand, le gusta la oreja de van gogh ^_^

My favorite music:

La Oreja De Van Gogh
comments:  pop/rock Made in Spain 1998-2006 : ) USHALALA USHA LA LAA!!!!
comments:  "I'll tell you something, I am a wolf but I like to wear sheep's clothing, I am a bonfire, I am a vampire, I'm waiting for my moment"
Ace of Base
comments:  " I'm never gonna say I'm sorry for the essence of my soul"
Luna Pop
comments:  Italian pop/rock http://www.lunapop.com "Ma quanto è bello andare in giro per i colli bolognesi se hai una Vespa Special che ti toglie i problemi..."
comments:  http://www.aterciopelados.com/ Made in Colombia!!... Sabes que sono como musica de fondo en un episodio de SIX FEET UNDER, "El album de mi cabeza solo con fotos tuyas se llena"

My favorite movies:

Shakespeare in Love
comments:  AWARDS (OSCARS): Best Picture, Actress (Gwyneth Paltrow), Supporting Actress (Judi Dench), Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen, Art Direction-Set Decoration, Original Comedy or Musical Score, Costume Design.
Love Actually
comments:  This film could only have been made by a british studio. For one, this is an ensemble cast. Instead of relying on a single star attraction, the movie is carried by a terrific cast ...Great Stories!!
The Motorcycle Diaries
comments:  You Can Change the World
King Arthur
comments:  Finally, An Epic Worth Watching...... So far... 2 times and counting
la Vita E Bella
comments:  Bella trama!!

My favorite authors:

Carl Sagan
comments:  "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known"
H.P Lovecraft
comments:  One of the greatest in Horror
Anne Rice
comments:   I Love Vampires because of her!!
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
comments:  Vivir para contarla
Jose Asuncion Sliva
comments:  Colombian poet

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