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Right now, I'm a 23-year-old university student from Minnesota trying to survive my final 6 months in school, all while attempting to figure out guys, friends and what I'm going to do with myself once I get out. This is the story of my life...



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My favorite music:

comments:  Saw them here in October with Brian, and 3 years ago...Was an unbelievable concert...they are awesome...no...make that Amazing...
Bon Jovi
comments:  Saw him on tour in July, yep, again with Brian...have been a fan of Jon's music for years...was One Wild Night!
Barenaked Ladies
comments:  Saw them live last August in the Xcel Center. Gotta love a Canadian group with a comic heart. Good times...
comments:  I'm currently learning his Sonata Pathetique on the piano...Love it. Actually, love all classical music. 19 years of piano can do that to a person!
Billy Joel
comments:  Not really a band, but have always thought his music was incredible, and had the honor of seeing he and Sir Elton John live in concert back in May. The piano men rock.

My favorite movies:

Dirty Dancing
comments:  Have it memorized..."I carried a watermellon??..."
comments:  Summer days, drifting away.....
Pretty Woman
comments:  "What's your name?" ..."What do you want it to be?"
Coyote Ugly
comments:  Yeee Haww. Strong women, great songs.
Top Gun
comments:  *sigh* ...IMAX...Brian...Nuff said...

My favorite authors:

Rick Reilly
comments:  Last page columnist for Sports Illustrated. My hero as a sports writer.

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