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Its all me 100%!! So if you dont like it then dont read it! I dont want to hear any whining about what i write.



My favorite diaries:

applemama    profile - diary
comments:  cuz she speaks her mind!go girl!
me-me-meee    profile - diary
comments:  its funny how one minuet your close friends and then bullshit happens and that the end of that.no goodbye not fuck off ... nothing
ababystory    profile - diary
comments:  a young mom like me
chubbychic    profile - diary
comments:  Her diary is great! Wonderful down-to-earth woman who tells it like it is.
dlandbdays    profile - diary
comments:  the diary land birthday site!!
prostituee    profile - diary
comments:  shes uhhh .. well shes open! and awsome!!!!
mommaduck    profile - diary
comments:  a young mommy~with an adorable baby!!!
unclebob    profile - diary
comments:  awsome guy sounds like a great dad hes hilarious!!!!!
dazeyduke    profile - diary
comments:  awsome woman!
dana-elayne    profile - diary
comments:  she seems like she would be a awsome teacher to have!! where were you when i was in school? and a fellow hello kitty lover!!!
broke-bitch    profile - diary
comments:  wicked awesome diary!!!!
babicharmz    profile - diary
comments:  a young mom like me!!! with an adorable baby boy!!!
kidsay    profile - diary
comments:  kids say the darndest things!
twisted-mind    profile - diary
comments:  an awsome mom and a extremely strong woman! she makes awsome layouts and such a wonderful woman.. thank you for everythign amy!!
moms    profile - diary
comments:  public moms diary
goldylockz22    profile - diary
comments:  shares my love for makeup!!!
trinity63    profile - diary
comments:  one awesome chick!
jamsjunction    profile - diary
comments:   A Great Read
cleanstart    profile - diary
comments:  shes such a sweetie!!!!
lovers-    profile - diary
comments:  awsome site spread the love!!!
peeperjen    profile - diary
comments:  another amazing teacher!!!
teen-mother    profile - diary
comments:  a very young mother but a strong girl
ranchermom    profile - diary
comments:  wow
mom2kendall    profile - diary
comments:  kendals mommy
tearstream    profile - diary
comments:  such a strong amazing woman. if only we could all have friends like you.
lukeysmama    profile - diary
comments:  a mommy like me with an adorable baby!
blue-swirl    profile - diary
comments:  awsome girl with awsome layout
shortst101    profile - diary
comments:  such a strong strong woman.
pashiesplace    profile - diary
comments:  another supermom!!! with 3 adorable little girls!!!
starlight42    profile - diary
comments:  shes such a sweetie
ilona719    profile - diary
comments:  i have to pass "cow town" and i saw two cows fucking!i had to look twice thinking what the hell?did i just see that?i almost went in the other lane would've sucked if i got in a accident cause i was watching cow porn!
sweetiee    profile - diary
comments:  new read!!
lindzeeleigh    profile - diary
comments:  new read
ray0flight    profile - diary
comments:  joanie...new read
manda-d    profile - diary
comments:  shes pretty cool!
smplycontent    profile - diary
comments:  ashleys new diary. shes my smelly candle sniffing partner in crime!
gimmelove    profile - diary
comments:  a diary that belongs to a great woman.
say-good-bi    profile - diary
comments:  Kims diary
anamlabodis    profile - diary
comments:  At least I have Good Hair! I spent two hours at the salon last night, and got a shorter, razory cut with a dark mahogany colour that looks lickable
VeryRaven    profile - diary
comments:  someones poetry
iwillsurvive    profile - diary
damnitimlost    profile - diary
jane-does    profile - diary
machogirl7    profile - diary
thiz-1z-4-u    profile - diary
familywoman    profile - diary
makahagirl    profile - diary
daze-of-rain    profile - diary
drewbears    profile - diary
prowlingleo    profile - diary
aimeesnoise    profile - diary
prosti    profile - diary
wontfindme    profile - diary
findmeagain    profile - diary
crazeemomma    profile - diary
rose-shadow    profile - diary
xxpaperdolxx    profile - diary
frogmom    profile - diary
comments:  its leslie!!!
untamedwings    profile - diary

My favorite music:

bon jovi
comments:  sooo sexy awsome singer
rascal flatts
comments:  awsome group of guys but ya aint seen nothing till ya see them live!
dixie chicks
comments:   awsome group of girls!

My favorite movies:

comments:  one of the best movies ever!
up close and personal
comments:   robert redford soo sexy and michelle pheifer awsome actress!

My favorite authors:

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