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I am a UK based Master with several years experience. I am Master of 2 24/7 TPE Slaves, though 1 is currently living in the US.

My favorite diaries:

paw4awhile    profile - diary
comments:  There are many slaves who could learn from My alpha slave No doubt she could learn from them too but I wouldn't exchange her for the world
willowdreams    profile - diary
comments:  She is a friend. She is a slave She is MINE
master-j    profile - diary
comments:  Master to therese-m
quietus    profile - diary
comments:  sin's Master..Coding at its best.
jaxraven    profile - diary
comments:  What a way with words. This girl is inspirational in her writting
gandg    profile - diary
comments:  Another, close, online friends
trinity-lk    profile - diary
comments:  A Good Friend, who has more than her fair share of disappointments
jezz62    profile - diary
comments:  Only chatted briefly but same positive outlook on life.
therese-m    profile - diary
comments:  Found her way late in life, but a wonderful slave.
whyterose    profile - diary
comments:  Another slave with a way with words.
sin-    profile - diary
comments:  We share mutual friends, and she writes well. :)
velvetbrian    profile - diary
comments:  Considering this lifestyle.
drus-pet    profile - diary
comments:  A true 24/7 slave. Brilliant writtings.
lordkhaine    profile - diary
comments:  A Master who I am glad to call friend.
timothy-a    profile - diary
comments:  Master to jasmine-s. Loves football. !
jasmine-s    profile - diary
comments:  slave to Master Timothy. She offers a different perspetive on many things
ms-greenseed    profile - diary
comments:  Very good friend. She is new to the lifestyle but will make a wonderful Mistress to the right person
crosette    profile - diary
comments:  Another young lass getting her feet wet.
lou-d    profile - diary
comments:  We meet via a mutual friend. She is great fun!
autumnal    profile - diary
comments:  This is definitely worth a read
maladorc    profile - diary
comments:  Master to lou-d
brats-r-us    profile - diary
comments:  The lighter side of things.

My favorite music:

comments:  A little out of the mainstream of today but she has a fantastic legacy
Whitney Houston
comments:  Again the voice is taming but what notes she hit in the 80's
Lighthouse Family
comments:  Just easy to listen to, even if it is much the same.
Elton John
comments:  One of the Kings of Rock.I have personal contact with Elton on several occassions and will never forget his giving nature
Robbie Williams
comments:  The bad man of pop, come good. What a role model.

My favorite movies:

Independence Day
comments:  A real motivational type movie
X Files
comments:  Says it all. There IS life Out There
comments:  One of The all time GREATS
What A Woman Wants
comments:  I defy you not to laugh through this one.
Star Trek
comments:  Another Part of My Life.

My favorite authors:

Robin Cook
comments:  Guess with my contact of the medical profession it was almost natural I would like a medically based author
James Herbert
comments:  A weird type of fiction but enjoyable non the less
Ray Kurzweil
comments:  If you WANT to know where Artificial Intelligence is heading this is the one for you.
Molly Devon
comments:  For those into the lifestyle
Jay Wiseman
comments:  Someone I will always have the utmost regard for

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