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Words swirling into the ether of your own personal judgment.

My favorite diaries:

polarity    profile - diary
comments:  "learn to read the body for the real story. then all you have to remember is to see."
jwinokur    profile - diary
comments:  "This whole big, beautiful world is begging me to come and probe and violate all its innumerable nooks and crannies."
scratchvinyl    profile - diary
comments:  "we walk in worlds they can't imagine"
paperbridges    profile - diary
comments:  "sometimes i forget that i have arms and legs and that i can walk around and touch things and be in the world"
yamakingj    profile - diary
comments:  The volcano of thoughts flowing over the human rationale.
autumnal    profile - diary
comments:  The relief after the crashing wave.
erato    profile - diary
comments:  My Moroccan lover.
fellbehind    profile - diary
comments:  Blunt observer.
donnaisblue    profile - diary
comments:  "Is it really easier to watch life's projection on a screen, to live within a distance of it?"
sleepystorm    profile - diary
comments:  When you bite your tongue and no pain perspires...
longitude    profile - diary
comments:  Lucid dreaming in a jar..
tamanotenrai    profile - diary
comments:  When Eve sabotoges the party.
czarandom    profile - diary
comments:  Russia would adore his sporatic tendencies.
novembre    profile - diary
comments:  I haven't added a new diary since 2004, it's 2008.
secret-motel    profile - diary
comments:  Dispair written well.
symmetries    profile - diary
comments:  To the point.
axde    profile - diary
comments:  Just as nude.
darthuae    profile - diary
comments:  She will walk between you.
witty-remark    profile - diary
comments:  Witty indeed.
permeation    profile - diary
comments:  Lensy.
gonzoprophet    profile - diary
comments:  picking a piece of chicken into biteable shreds with my fingers put me in an ancient mindset.

My favorite music:

Godspeed You Black Emperor
Black Mountain
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Rolling Stones

My favorite movies:

The Spirit and the Beehive
Ivan's Childhood
My Own Private Idaho
The Dreamers
8 1/2

My favorite authors:

Chuck Bukowski
Kurt Vonnegut
Anais Nin
Henry Miller
Joan Didion

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