I am every angel I am the only angel

An Angel floating through life with all the grace and style of a swan flitting o'cross a crystal blue pond

My favorite diaries:

neangelpoems profile - diary
comments: N*e aNgeLs pOetRy hOur... 24-7-366
camera-girl profile - diary
comments: my Bruuuuuce girl's photography
mspsyched1 profile - diary
comments: my dear friend in the flesh, she is always in my ear... by phone that is.
g1rly-g1rl2 profile - diary
comments: My dear beloved Hannah!! She finally came back to me ;-)
musicnut profile - diary
comments: a good buddy made via d-land
srch4balance profile - diary
comments: total sweetheart, very insightful & beautiful! Deserves the world
crayon profile - diary
comments: don't know why I stopped following.
exhaust profile - diary
comments: amazingly beauitful creature, formerly refluence
starkitten01 profile - diary
comments: returning the favor, gotta read a lil more... so far so good!
thirdferro profile - diary
comments: my undercova lova in the deep down south! jk
beautifulwoe profile - diary
asitwere profile - diary
comments: a sexy suggestion [sexyatheist]
miame profile - diary
madrigle profile - diary
comments: aweome recipes!!!
ionme profile - diary
comments: one amazing woman! one of the few i've met irl that is as sexi & true as her diary reads. miss ya mwahz!
candora profile - diary
comments: via ciulionn's comments i did find
i-love-sex profile - diary
comments: she's baaaack!
brucegirl profile - diary
comments: this is my girl!! she makes me want to jump on a plane to norway!
dalyrical1 profile - diary
comments: My girl! she's one awesome friend!
brucesgirls profile - diary
comments: this is us!
sexyatheist profile - diary
comments: H O T - anticipation drives a woman wild
daath profile - diary
comments: via ionme - my first d-land meet up
salazabr profile - diary
comments: GE - met with ionme [J], daath & sexyatheist in RL
angelsnano profile - diary
comments: started as a nano project and now is a wedding planner for a wedding that might not even happen now.
devian profile - diary
hockeytwins profile - diary
comments: woot woot! welcome cuz!!
pinktricity profile - diary
comments: dyke from down under... love her sn & so far all her writing
theas-heart profile - diary
comments: my darlins heart flooding the pages of love
daisypoems01 profile - diary
comments: my baby bg's poems diary! love her so much
wickedwife profile - diary
sexycreature profile - diary
dulligirl profile - diary
purplebanana profile - diary
comments: great layout & amazing funny reading so far!
darkbeans profile - diary
comments: chickpea981, sexycreature & abittergirl can't all be wrong!
sheisdancing profile - diary
comments: friend of beautifulwoe & my beloved BG
thesenotes profile - diary
comments: She's baaack! Yay!!
pollux profile - diary
comments: friend of asit
starkitten-1 profile - diary
comments: my darlin star moved again ;-)
mackaj profile - diary
comments: one of the first members of my myspace group!
cubjam11 profile - diary
comments: one of the first members of my myspace group!
journalman profile - diary
trulypoetic profile - diary
sandandfog profile - diary
comments: my dear friend, how i do hope this baby goes well
pipersplace profile - diary
comments: a hot new read recommended by one sexycreature!
pixiechicks profile - diary
comments: she's baaack!
woeknowsbest profile - diary
comments: My baby girl is back!!! woe is certainly not me ;-)
flimsay11 profile - diary
comments: I missed reading her and I'm so glad to have found her new d spot. can't wait to finally have coffee with her someday
abeautflmess profile - diary
comments: my beautiful star!
idontpretend profile - diary
comments: a new read - just starting to read
lostasyou profile - diary
comments: same tastes in template :)

My favorite music:

Bruce Springsteen
comments: Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!
Sarah McLachlan
comments: If you don't know the name... start back in 1991!
Tori Amos
comments: Same goes here... just start back in '93
Jewel & then Pink
comments: She's from Alaska, I met her... I am from Alaska. We both sing... Pink= she's just H-O-T!
Willow and Jennifer Terran
comments: If you haven't heard of these women then check out www.willowband.com and jenniferterran.com They are amazing and talented women!

My favorite movies:

Dream a little dream
comments: Cory Haim, Corey Feldman... a great movie! my favorite... Rock On - michael damien
Love & Sex
comments: best movie about what love really is and how much sex can fuck things up or make them even better
Requium for a dream
comments: Jared Leto & Jennifer Connelly - Yummmy
Girl, Interupted
comments: Wyonna, Angelina, Clea, Brittany...
The Secretary
comments: *sneeze* Sniff Sniff

My favorite authors:

Anne Rice
comments: Amazing, Erotic and Captivating!
Understanding and Learning about I-Ching
comments: Learn about ancient Chinese mysticism
Zolar's Book of Astrology...
comments: A hard to find, out of print book about Astrology. The book that is responsible for me (miss cleo! j.k)
comments: Just a good book I found while reading Bizarre magazine...
Chuck Palaniuk
comments: I've read so many of his books thanks to recommendations from sexyatheist - i plan on reading everything else he writes too! Amazing!!

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