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I've brave it up to bring this back from the dark.



My favorite diaries:

myexodus    profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments:  Played loudly while in the bathtub
comments:  Helps with meditation
Traditional Jazz
comments:  Hate Fusion with the exception of BellaFleck and the Flecktones
Ethnic Folk Music
comments:  It doesn't matter from what Country, I love them all, especially Polka
Classic Rock
comments:  The stuff before Disco.

My favorite movies:

Color Purple
comments:  Momento, The Closet, The Bad Seed (original version)
comments:  Cool Hand Luke, The Wizard of Oz
To Sir With Love
comments:  Days of Wine and Roses (mostly the theme song)
Cartoon Network
comments:  Milo and Otis, and
The Birds
comments:  I watched it far to much! I still get shivers if I hear a bird flap its wings......

My favorite authors:

Mario Puzo
comments:  So Many
Amy Tan
comments:  to choose
James A. Michener
comments:  from. Andrew needs
Toni Morrison
comments:  to expand the
Neal Stephenson
comments:  alloted space here

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