I Bet You Like to Watch.

"You can lead a horticulture but you can't make her think."

Dorothy Parker

My favorite diaries:

Gingi profile - diary
comments: Voice of Reason, Inc.
ArtsyKelly profile - diary
comments: She created my page design... I love her
Dlove profile - diary
comments: He inspires me
Hurricane profile - diary
comments: My partner in crime...he left me
Slutboy profile - diary
comments: He's filthy. God, how I adore him!
Ripe profile - diary
comments: Because She knows.
Ernst profile - diary
comments: One of the first I met here
Pablo profile - diary
comments: I told him to Fuck Off. But then I retracted it.
Spanklin profile - diary
comments: Slightly deviant, but I am working on him...
Joaninha profile - diary
comments: She's growing up
Toastress profile - diary
comments: My protege...she doesn't update enough. Apparently, she has a life...?
FuckArt profile - diary
comments: I like anyone who puts the word Fuck out there
Mornglory profile - diary
comments: New Find
Pozlife profile - diary
comments: He completes Slutboy and Gingi, ergo, he completes me
Inebriated profile - diary
comments: If I knew her, we'd be best friends
Sundaygirl profile - diary
comments: Love her...
Rubyfoxx profile - diary
comments: Thank God SOMEONE is getting laid
Achren profile - diary
comments: I'm cheering for her as she figures it all out

My favorite music:

Sigur Ros
comments: Everything, served up gently
Cat Power
comments: Tears and all
comments: The only good part of NYC left
The Beastie Boys
comments: Ok, they are the best part of NYC
Janis Joplin
comments: A staple

My favorite movies:

Empire Records
comments: My aspiration in life. And I cannot get enough of that Rory Cochrane. He's highly underworked. Highly.
Apocalypse Now
comments: Perfection.
Girls Town
comments: The true life story of girls in my generation. Learn it.
Dazed and Confused
comments: I. Think. You. Know. And Rory Cochrane, yet again.
comments: My 20's on film

My favorite authors:

John Kennedy O'Toole
Anne Sexton
Hunter Thompson
Jack Kerouac
Susan J. Gilman

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