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pains are us

"...is that really the night

oh, my, uh, uh



(Daniel Johnston)

And i'm a boy. 28.

My favorite diaries:

charleyriver    profile - diary
comments:  he said he wants to be a writer... i think he does well...
natasha5    profile - diary
comments:  ... i have something special with her...
sarika    profile - diary
comments:  she's clever, she's funny, she's great...
untame-able    profile - diary
comments:  She's funny and everything, and sometimes she seems to see things from a hell high point ("If I was not here, there would be a tiny rip in eternity") My!
labeled-girl    profile - diary
comments:  Huge sense of friendship, very beautiful writing, and a high magic touch...
sourgirl-99    profile - diary
comments:  "jumping into the unknown can be frightening or exhilarating...and sometimes it feels like it is your only choice...jump or die"
hardest-itch    profile - diary
comments:  "But you see I don't like to cry in cars. But you see I don't think it helps to talk. But you see I don't want to talk. But you don't see...not me...anyway. Because I'm just a ghost. "
darksoul    profile - diary
comments:   "So cold and so very lost in this world of delusions and past memories. Or is it the dragon taking over my dreams again, talking with his hypnotic blood red eyes like rubies that peered through your soul, making you bleed inside out."
maxg    profile - diary
comments:  I like this guy. His pictures too. "would light shine down and flood the world, a master work of faith, and tides at times would fill the skies with aqua velvet wraiths."
angelseyezzz    profile - diary
comments:  "Just take a look and see, move from there, things don't stop there. You just have to keep on walking, discover the new good surprises that life's got for you."
parabola77    profile - diary
comments:  "9 days until i'm 25. and i have yet to flirt with destiny. it hasn't even tagged me and run away. um, destiny... if you're out there- i'm right here. hiding in this broom closet of a life. it's dark and scary in here. please
iwearhats    profile - diary
comments:  "if the world had an edge, i'd be there now, to jump off, and fall forever"
imnotlost    profile - diary
comments:  "nothing written and nothing to write. and i will turn the last page and close the book. let me go. it's too cold here. "
anti-gens    profile - diary
comments:  "it.s almost too much. it get.s so close to the edge of too much that it.s almost as though columbus were wrong. kissing you is like standing in the corner of the world, closest to the stars."
cheshireluci    profile - diary
comments:  "I was somewhere in Dark, with no gravity, no wind, and I scared myself to shit. I personally suggest, don't ever let your 2-10 year old children try to figure out quantum physics, space or the universe, time travel, or the god question"
zeroreverb7    profile - diary
comments:  "I want to weep. I want to raise a flag in the middle of a revolutionary crowd. I want to intercept natural law and defy it. I want to rise from my sulfuric tomb."
idiot-milk    profile - diary
comments:  "But we're not quite finished with the exam. Why are you leaving?" - "Well, it's a bit disconcerting watching someone try to speak with their head firmly lodged in their rectal cavity. I can't take it anymore"
greekgoliath    profile - diary
wolfstone    profile - diary
comments:  the soft nights of Singapore. The sensualist.
xrockxonx    profile - diary
decayingsoul    profile - diary
comments:  "days seem to slip by with people just showing up and leaving. father and daughter bonding with an illegal substance. secret hair pulling. escaping reality on street corners. i'm killing myself more each day."
eveningsun    profile - diary
nighteangel    profile - diary
comments:  "I'm on the edge, looking down at my demise."
sherpahigh    profile - diary
tokyo69    profile - diary
comments:  "screaming out of the car to release tension as loud as we can, having tequila and wig parties til early hours of the morning, getting out of control with life in general, but feeling alive and part of it."
ivoryfaerie    profile - diary
emperorincxt    profile - diary
suta    profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments:  OK Computer, The Bends etc. I'm dead....
comments:  You all look the same to me. And the other ones.
Primal Scream
comments:  yeah, and Fatboy Slim and Chemical Brothers and Gus Gus and Mum and Tindersticks and Moloko and Asian Dub Foundation..
Daniel Johnston
comments:  I know Fun and Rejected Unknown. Great, helpful, simple.
David Bowie
comments:  "The singles collection" or "The man who sold the world"... And also: Otis Redding ("Remember Me", check this one!), The Beatles (The white album) Sigur Ros, Supergrass (i should coco) Noir Désir (666.667 club)

My favorite movies:

A Life Less Ordinary
comments:  (Danny Boyle) Funny, brilliant.
monty python and the holy grail
comments:  watched it 10 times, i laugh more each time... Brilliant!
The philadelphia Story
comments:  (George Cukor) Old but so good (James Steewart and all the others actors)
Fucking Amal
comments:  Swedish. I think Lukas Moodysson is a f * great director... ! Watch it not dubbed, please!
Hal Hartley
comments:  and also: Fight Club (amazing), Beyond Rangoon, Dances With Wolves, Festen, Legends of the Fall, Thelma and Louise, Nikita, Paris Texas...

My favorite authors:

Philippe Djian
comments:  GO AND SEE the comments on him in amazon.com... I am reading Betty Blue but the english translation is pissing me off...
Raymond Carver
comments:  I've only read "Cathedral"... Very good.
Hermann Hesse
comments:  "Steppenwolf" the best, very best...
Carlos Castaneda
comments:  Warriors of life... Huge. Cosmic. frightening. Hilarious too.
Jim Harrison
comments:  "A good day to die" is deadly excellent... Also: JD Salinger, Henry Miller, The Stranger (Albert Camus), For those I loved (Martin Gray), Bukowski, Brautigan...

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