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pojken means "the boy"

rockstar. baker. sharp. witty. fiery. cold. charming. prickish. scathing. ornithophobic. lackluster. boring. swedish. passiveaggressive. polite. shy. moretocome. and lesstogo.

My favorite diaries:

hermex    profile - diary
comments:  '...baby, remember on the bus and your hand was on my knee?...'
katherinhand    profile - diary
comments:  '...all i wanna do is ride bikes with you, stay up late and watch cartoons...'
goodprovider    profile - diary
comments:  '...you just drive, mr. baylis. don't you worry about the weather...'
paperbridges    profile - diary
comments:  '...i just did the sex quiz in your magazine...'
facepunch    profile - diary
comments:  '...why you're almost giving me a heart attack when you waltz right in here lookin' like that...'
faxmachine    profile - diary
comments:  '...i lost my gig to a tribute band...'
dizboy    profile - diary
comments:  '...if you got it, flaunt it, homo...'
volgende    profile - diary
comments:  '...it's the world you made with scissors, paper, glue and noise and blisters...and knives and sisters...and kisses...'
frankohara    profile - diary
comments:  '...put me in your blue skies or put me in your gray...'
mew-mew    profile - diary
comments:  '...take me with you where you hide tonight...'
bootygrrl    profile - diary
comments:  '...it takes more than a handshake to keep a colonial grip...'
theicing    profile - diary
comments:  '...she's got blood in her eyes for you...'
stardustie    profile - diary
comments:  '...good, good, good, good, good, gold & lovely, gold & lovely....'
officehours    profile - diary
comments:  '...because a cynic told me the best is yet to come...'
indpndnt-ter    profile - diary
comments:  '...sing it high, hoorah-hoorah, sing it a little higher...'
boredlaura    profile - diary
comments:  '...we quietly slipped across the border into arkansas...'
ceciliaruns    profile - diary
comments:  '...the name of the band is the human race, tell me have you heard 'pop! goes the world'?...'
sadistiksoul    profile - diary
comments:  '...if you wanted honesty that's all you had to say...'
ohophelia    profile - diary
comments:  '...was a tempest, cyclone, a goddamned hurricane. your common sense, your best defense lay wasted and in vain...'
seereason    profile - diary
comments:  '...rely a bit too heavily on alcohol and irony...'
aperfectmap    profile - diary
comments:  '...the year punk rock broke (my heart)...'
dogsdontpurr    profile - diary
comments:  '...
theways    profile - diary
junitown    profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments:  disassemble my despair; it never took me anywhere; it never once bought me a drink.
kathleen edwards
comments:  you always play me in the cheapest key.
lftr pllr/hold steady
comments:  i've had kisses that make judas seem sincere.
love is all
comments:  make out. fall out. make up.
comments:  and if i decide to rule the world, i'm still coming back for you.

My favorite movies:

dark city
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
what's up doc?
jackie brown
muriel's wedding

My favorite authors:

linn ullmann
comments:  Forgive me, I say...[b]ut you see I HAVE to take this man home with me tonight...and YOU....are in the way...
david sedaris
comments:  possessives were a similar headache, and it was easier to say nothing than to announce that the left-hand and right-hand glove of Janet had fallen to the floor...
james thurber
comments:  Q:we have cats the way most people have mice. A: I see you have. I can't tell from your communication, however, whether you wish advice or are merely boasting.
jonas gardell
comments:  Juha's dad enters the diningroom. his balls are hanging out. Juhas mom sighs and looks out the window to avoid seeing it. it looks like she's dreaming. What is she dreaming about? About mornings w/o a hairy sac...
jacob wallenberg
comments:  Seamen are great abusers of language...A square cabin goes by the name of the 'roundhouse', which utterly conflicts with Euclid, who proves that a round square is an impossibility.

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